Parliamentary economy outweigh the survival of the economic recession and austerity to the post-2016

2015/12/15 7:55

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} suggested to the economic and investment commission, on Tuesday, the survival of the economic recession and austerity to the post in 2016, citing the need to "convene an international economic conference to revive the Iraqi economy."

Said Committee member Burhan Mamouri told {Euphrates News} Today, that "Do not search for alternatives to oil in the budget of 2016 shows that the economic recession and austerity will continue until post-2016," noting that "the government has no strategic plans for economic side."

He said "Even the Economic Committee did not raise this matter seriously and look for other economic matters alternative for oil, the fact that more oil imports and other matters which said the budget is compelling, and it is certainly the survival of this austerity, which will generate the salaries of the crisis in the coming months."

He noted that " the economic and investment commission in order to avoid this economic crisis called for the convening of an international economic conference to invest in Iraq's economic mentalities and its return to the country in order to revive the Iraqi economy, "adding that" there is a close encounter of the Commission on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to raise this issue and taking the approval of the conference. "mentions Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a statement that the real resources of the country fell by 60%, calling on the government to prepare the budget so that reduce the deficit to acceptable limits, which have been introduced in the inclusion of budget items.

The decision of the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed al-Haj has revealed on the main points that have been added to the budget in 2016, pointing out that it related to allocation of the popular crowd, and support for displaced people, indicating that the parliamentary Finance Committee suggested that the Government deducting the amount of 3% of employees' salaries, and you add to increase the popular crowd allocations, and to support the displaced file. pledged Chairman of the Board Minister Haider al-Abadi not to provide any challenge in next year's budget.

The Congress has revealed that the budget will be approved and passed by the end of this month, and stressed the seriousness of it back to the government, what would cause a delay longer, and thus a direct negative impact on the lives of people in the country. It ended 1