Baghdad Secretariat likely complete the sort of thousands of land south of the capital early 2016

2015 15 12
directed the Secretary of the anniversary of Baghdad Alloush, on Monday, to accelerate screening procedures County is home to about 15 thousand a piece of residential south of Baghdad, and while confirming the need to remove the excesses and the work of the borders of the province and Hoa_khas, suggested the completion of the screening business early next year in 2016.
Baghdad Secretariat said in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "the Mayor of Baghdad directed to speed up screening procedures within the province 3/10 Municipality Rashid District, which includes about 15 thousand a piece of residential and distributed in 2003 by the beneficiaries among citizens."
The statement added that "Alloush and during a tour urged the municipality Rasheed Department to expedite the completion of the work of the county sort through activation of committees supervision and follow-up and implementation with the participation of a large number of mechanisms to remove the excesses of this province and the work of territorial compromise and address the obstacles," adding that "it is hoped to complete the work Sorting early next year 2016 ".
The statement continued that "the Mayor of Baghdad, stressed the need to work and Hoa_khas borders of the province and the main points for the purpose of delivery of parts of the site in turn to real estate registration department for the purpose of border install a fundamentalist." The secretariat of Baghdad, announced on Wednesday (December 92 015), the continuation of the proceedings Sort two districts in the municipality of Rashid District south of the capital, as shown that the two provinces Tdman about 23 thousand a piece of residential, confirmed that this action comes within the framework of its interest in solving the problem of housing.
It is noteworthy that Iraq is suffering a severe housing crisis due to the growing population, relative to the number of residential complexes, in addition to the inability of citizens with limited income from the construction of its own housing units, because of the high cost of land and materials Bannae.s