Catch of the parliamentary Dbh..almalah: Iraq's revenues do not pay half the salaries of staff

A member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Haitham al-Jubouri, he «does not exist for the budget» in light of the drop in oil prices, which reached $ 33 a barrel, adding that Iraq's revenues according to these prices «not even half the salaries of staff or a little more» clog. He said al-Jubouri said in a statement news that «according to the new oil, which amounted to $ 33 there will be no budget rates, but there is the reality of the sense that the State's conduct is what vocations of money form a pro-rata», adding that «the new oil prices do not clog up half the employees' salaries or more Shortly »He added Jubouri, that« the Finance Committee has a hope of better revenue the country, considering that the budget always talk about future revenues », indicating that« Iraq needs 53 trillion dinars staff and the salaries of retirees and more than 20 trillion wage licensing rounds for the continuation of oil production, and also we need to 2 trillion for the crowd and folk trillion and a half of the displaced people and a trillion and a half of the drugs, and these things can not be fixed reduced or dispensed with.