Iraq and Britain sign a memorandum of agreement to support the war against Daash and the unity of the country and its stability

2015-12-14 22:46:58 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Praised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Monday, the positions of the British government and its support of Iraq in the displaced and the military side file, and among the British delegation visited Iraq currently within the trade ministerial between the two countries, the meeting that his country is ready to intervene between Baghdad and Ankara to resolve the crisis between them, Iraqi and British sides signed a memorandum of agreement to support the government in its war against (Daash) as well as support for Iraq's unity and stability.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of "Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari opened the third Iraqi-British trade ministerial meeting, and gave a speech at the opening in which he stressed Iraq's determination to continue to develop trade relations on the basis of mutual benefit, and common interests." .

He praised al-Jaafari as "the British government positions through the provision of humanitarian assistance to the displaced valued at 79.500 million pounds sterling, in addition to military support, and training to various kinds of armed forces."

The statement continued that "the meeting discussed the bilateral relations, and the importance of this meeting to support the relations between the two countries, also discussed terrorism file, and risks to the region, and security coordination, and intelligence, and military to confront Daash gangs terrorist, and the need to contribute to the reconstruction of the liberated areas of terrorism," pointing to "The British delegation expressed study the establishment of the Kingdom of the Conference in this regard."

The statement said that "the meeting saw discuss ways to boost investment, trade, and cooperation in the field of energy, electricity, oil, and gas, health, and the environment, and exchange of experiences, and the development of the banking sector, and financial."

The statement noted that "the meeting discussed the subject of the Turkish intervention, and the British side expressed its readiness to cooperate between the two sides also discussed the Syrian crisis, and the need to terminate the adoption of political solutions, and an end to the ongoing war there."

The statement noted that "the conclusion of the meeting witnessed the signing of a memorandum of agreement between Iraq and Britain included the continuation of consultations and meetings in the coming period, and the need to support the Iraqi government in its war on Daash terrorist gangs, and support reform, and support the unity of Iraq, and security, and stability."

Iraq and lead the war against al (Daash) to edit the regions occupied by the organization since the middle of last year, while the United States is leading an international coalition of Britain to contribute to the elimination of regulation.