Samarra open roads closed and calls for the city to show in a very civilized

2015-12-14 22:35:26 | (Voice of Iraq) - Salahuddin

Qaimqamip began south of Samarra, Salah al-Din province, on Monday, to open a number of closed streets, raising the number of abuses, to facilitate the flow of traffic within the judiciary, as citizens called for cooperation to show in a very civilized city worthy of its status historical.

Said Samarra Mayor Mahmoud Khalaf, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "we have removed dozens of cases of abuse taboos on public roads because of street vendors,"

Khalaf said "cooperation with the leadership of Samarra operations resulted in the reopening of a number of closed roads and that the law would apply to everyone," calling for "the need to respect the law and the cooperation of citizens to demonstrate in a very civilized city worthy of its status historical".

He pointed out that behind the "mayor of Samarra began the opening of a number of ways, in cooperation with the security services and the implementation of major campaigns to clean up neighborhoods," adding, "we seek to implement the law and to stop some chaotic situations within the judiciary."

And the voice of the local council to spend Samarra, Friday (11-12-2015), to launch a "national unity" campaign to raise the Iraqi flag on the circuit, houses and non-governmental institutions, etc., and assigned the committees of education and relations follow-up flag-raising week in schools, while attributing to take such actions to "utmost importance" in light of the challenges facing Iraq.