Following the meeting, it .. Lebanese Minister of State for "news": We discussed with al-Maliki developments in the region and Iraq's role in the preparations for the Arab summit

On: Wednesday 02/29/2012 19:01

Baghdad (news) .. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, with Secretary of State Lebanese Ali Qanso, bilateral relations and developments in the region and preparations for the Arab summit.
said Lebanese Minister Ali Qansouh after his meeting with Maliki, the reporter Agency (news) on Wednesday evening: We met today President Maliki and we talked about a range of issues pertaining to diplomatic and economic relations and trade between the two countries.
He added Qansouh: We spoke with al-Maliki also about what is happening in the Arab region, and the role and future of Iraq, where, and its major role will play, especially since Lebanon will stand by Iraq in all areas to support politically and economically.
He pointed out: that he discussed with al-Maliki also preparations of Iraq to the Arab summit, where, we listened to some of the preparations, which confirms that Iraq is prepared correctly, as well as the assurance of President al-Maliki said Lebanon will participate to the Summit of Arab and at the highest levels.
He arrived this afternoon and Lebanese Minister of State Ali Qanso at the head of the delegation of Lebanese political and economic big / Finished / 4. n. r /