Dry calls for coordination with the intelligence services of other countries to prosecute criminals fleeing from Iraq
2015-12-14 19:13:42 | (Voice of Iraq) - Statement

He asked a member of the parliamentary human rights committee MP D.achoaq dry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intensify their efforts to coordinate intelligence with other countries to prosecute criminals fleeing from Iraq and brought to justice.

Dry said in a statement quoted by its press office, said that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approached countries that have friendly relations with Iraq through embassies and Mahlkiet the need to provide them with the names of immigrants from Iraq and demanding the extradition of wanted Iraqi judiciary residing in those countries."

She pointed out that, by the Finnish police arrest two criminals involved massacre Spyker is an achievement sophisticated in tracking terrorists were any identities and bring them to justice to be punished. "

She member of the Commission on Human Rights, said there are dozens of terrorists fleeing Iraq Bjraihm against innocent and therefore the government, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanding a mechanism for cooperation and coordination with other countries to prosecute criminals first and prevent the flow of terrorists into Iraq II. "

Information Office of the Vice dry D.achoaq