Turkish units withdrew from northern Iraq as a base


Department of Turkish troops withdrew deployed near the city of Mosul in northern Iraq from the area heading north, after the Baghdad government has asked the UN Security Council to act against what Iraqi officials described as a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

According to the news agency Anatolia, quoting military sources that the convoy of 10 to 12 vehicles, including tanks, out of Bashiqa area "under the new arrangements," is to make it clear whether these troops will stay in Iraq or whether they would return to Turkey.

Iraqi officials reported that the Turkish convoy pulled out of the camp Zlican dawn on Monday and went to Dohuk. Deputy Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi parliament Abdul Bari Zebari said the retreating forces of tanks and armored vehicles and heavy weapons, noting that the military trainers and advisers Turks remained in the camp in accordance with an earlier agreement between Ankara and Baghdad.

Turkey and published two weeks ago, hundreds of soldiers and tanks in the vicinity of Bashiqa area controlled by the organization of the Islamic state Daash since June 2014, which sharply raised tensions with the Iraqi government.

Iraq submitted a formal complaint against Turkey before the Security Council under the pretext of violation of the provisions and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

She described the Baghdad deployment of Turkish troops on its territory "hostile act" and considered it "a violation of the sovereignty of Iraq," and called on Ankara to withdraw its troops immediately.