Parliamentary economy demands to stop corruption in the currency auction

Author: AR, BS, MK
Editor: AR, BS
12/14/2015 15:56
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

It demanded the parliamentary Committee of Economy and Investment, on Monday, the government to stop corruption in the currency auction, while confirming its refusal to deduct 3% of employees' salaries.

She said a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary olive-Dulaimi told a news conference held in the parliament building and attended by the (long-Presse) that "the Economic Commission rejected in its meeting today the deduction of 3% of employees' salaries because their salaries do not bear any deduction", pointing out that "the government if you wish Balastqtaa it has to resort to the deduction gradually ascending order starting from 1% and upwards depending on salary. "

She said al-Dulaimi, said "there is a call to cancel the Awakening salaries and support and this is unacceptable because it affects 21 000 fighters are still fighting with the army and believe the entrances of Baghdad," "calling on the government to" the need for the auction stopped the currency of the large corruption in it. "