Iraq launches initiative to alleviate poverty


Monday 0.14 December 0.2015

He wrote Ali al-Azzawi: The Iraqi Ministry of Planning, announced today that it has launched a strategy to alleviate poverty in the country where more than a third of the population on less than two dollars a live per day.

independent organization confirmed that the displacement in Iraq, especially the western provinces and terrorist and military operations in the country lifted the unemployment rate to more than 35% accusing the government of failing to provide support to poor segments. The ministry said in a press statement, said: "The Permanent Technical Committee of the Poverty Reduction Strategy held a meeting at the ministry's headquarters, presided over by Chairman of the Standing Technical Committee Mahdi Mohsen Keywords in the presence of members of the Committee of representatives of parliament and the directors-general of the relevant ministries as well as representatives of civil society organizations and academics from Iraqi universities.

"He added:" The meeting dealt with the most important statement in the Sustainable World Summit held in New York, which formally adopted the sustainable development agenda and the extent of their interdependence with poverty projects as well as a discussion guide the adoption of new standards for measuring poverty and the index of income.

"She studies conducted by independent commissions and other parliamentary, that the poverty rate in Iraq has reached to 38% in cities across the country, pointing out that the rural population occupy the largest percentage, where they live on less than two dollars per day in the largest proportion taking place in Iraq for decades. The meeting reviewed the important files such as Re and rehabilitation of slums file, as well as the ration card file, in addition to the trade-off form prepared by the executive management, which will be distributed through 435 kiosks in the province of Diwaniyah, as well as displaced grant adopted by the executive management strategy to mitigate the distribution project Poverty in the Ministry of Planning, the statement said.

The statement stressed that: "The participants in the meeting called to support projects ranging proportions completion of 70% or more, by giving priority in the provision of cost by the government to be completed during 2016, as well as identify the provinces that have failed to implement their projects through previous years and ways to address these situations, as well as the preparation of a new strategy for poverty in the light of the current economic and social data, a condition that includes a contingency plan.

"In the context of a parallel The Executive Director of the Poverty Reduction Strategy in Iraq, Najla Ali Murad, an overview on the most important achievements for the year 2015 projects implemented by ministries and provinces within the poverty alleviation strategy allocations, as well as the challenges faced by the implementation process, particularly some provinces that lagged significantly over the past years and the ways to solve these constraints, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, a head of the Iraqi supporters, Ahmed al-Jubouri , in remarks for "new Arab", he said: "The unemployment rate exceeding in Iraq 35% .. Unemployment rate remarkably increased after recording the displacement of some 3.5 million displaced people of Anbar, Diyala, Salahuddin and Nineveh, because of the repercussions of the recent events and to enter the country in the midst of war again After relative stability did not last long.

"He stressed that:" The government is unable to provide aid to the poor because of its lack of correct steps, solutions and corruption and their inability to access the areas where half of the poor in Iraq because they are under the control of Daash. " He continued: "The government has failed in a previous similar project by providing loans to help the poor in their opening special projects, where it was found that more than 50% of the beneficiaries of this program is poor."