Newspapers today expects to vote on the budget and dealing with criticism for decades of oil licensing


Monday 0.14 December 0.2015

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / cared issued in Baghdad newspapers on Monday morning, the fourteenth of December, the possibility of resolving the issue of voting on the state budget for next year, and criticism of decades of oil licensing, and other various topics.

On the subject of the budget reported / Zora / issued by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate said the parliamentary finance committee suggested display next year's budget to a vote at a meeting next Wednesday after the completion of all the amendments, indicating that the government has refused to identify the price of oil on the basis of $ 35 a barrel for the fact that this will delay approval.

A member of the Committee Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan, according to / Zora /: "The Finance Committee completed all the necessary amendments to the draft budget will be presented to a vote during next Wednesday hearing in the case has been included on the agenda of the meeting."

He said: "The total revenue guaranteed by the law amounted to 81 Trliuna and 700 billion and 803 million dinars, while oil revenues amounted to 69 Trliuna and 773 billion and 400 million dinars. and that allocated to the side of the investment expenditure amounted to 25 trillion dinars, meaning that the amount of the budget deficit is 24 trillion dinars.

"He noted:" The Commission During her meeting with the prime minister sought to determine the price of oil in the budget at $ 35 instead of $ 45, the first to the fact that is the closest to reality, but the government objected to it because it requires rebalancing to the government and re-drafting of a new, leading to the delay in approval, "pointing to add some articles of the budget, a deduction of 3 percent of employees' salaries in general and distributed to the crowd and displaced by 1.5 each, noting that the Committee deleted the previous paragraph, which included pensioners also Balastqtaa to the fact that this segment very few paid nor Ajosalmsas out.

As quoted / Zora / say MP Haitham al-Jubouri said: "According to the new oil prices, which amounted to $ 33 there will be no budget, but there is the reality of the case, meaning that the State's conduct is what vocations of money form a pro-rata".

He said: "The new price of oil does not clog even half of the employees' salaries, or a little more, and that the Finance Committee has a hope of better revenue the country, considering that the budget always talk about future revenues, "noting that" Iraq needs 53 trillion dinars to meet the staff and the salaries of retirees and more than 20 trillion wage licensing rounds for the continuation of production oil, and also trillion dinars for the crowd and folk trillion and a half of the displaced people and a trillion and a half of the drugs, and these things fixed can not be reduced or dispensed with.

"The newspaper / Orient / she said that the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives attacked the oil ministry because of licensing rounds which it signed with companies contracts foreign, and confirmed that the contract was extended from 20 to 25 years and reduced the government partner's share, while the ministry blamed the rise in oil production costs because of those contracts.

Quoted / Orient / words of committee member Mazen Mezni during a press conference: "The Commission has made ​​a number of observations to Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and the Prime Minister on some of the violations and suspicions of corruption in the Ministry of Oil.

"He added Mezni:" The contracts signed by the oil ministry with international oil companies extended licensing rounds from 20 to 25 years and reduced the government partner's share of the original share of the failure of the ministry to provide water injection developed by Iraq as part of his responsibility when signing the contract, "revealing:" The original Arabic version of the contract included pay Iraq compensation to companies for the amount of oil in a position produced the ministry and fail safe or marketed ".

He said:" Iraq has already paid $ default within 2014 expenses and 2015 because of the bad conditions in the export ports, "he said, adding that the cost of oil production rose to $ 23 a barrel because of licensing rounds, while she was not to exceed $ 8 in previous years."

He continued Mezni: "The FAO warehouse will not be completed until 2018 Because Orders non-conforming operating conditions and export facilities within the Japanese loan because of corruption, called to demand from oil companies in the licensing wait rounds to step up production under the pretext of the lack of liquidity, but the truth is to hide corruption orders pumps turbo pumps assistance to warehouse Faw oil, which will cost Iraq fines not being able to store and discharge of oil.

"In another matter, followed newspaper / morning / issued by the Iraqi Media Network, the subject of wanted terrorists who were being arrested recently in Finland.

She said in this regard that the matter is still under discussion, as it has completed the judiciary My Astrdadahma, and follow State Department conduct of their case, while the Finnish side shows the lack of delivery of convicts between the two countries.

She / morning / to the words of the spokesman for the judiciary Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar: "The central investigation in Baghdad court completed my recovery defendants who announced recently for their arrest in Finland on charges of participating in the massacre of Camp Speicher, and that these files sent to the executive bodies.

"And:" The court has already issued arrest warrants Balasameen full for them according to Article IV of the anti-terrorism law before their escape out of Iraq. " .

The ministry spokesman Ahmed Gamal said, according to the newspaper: "The Iraqi embassy in Finland is following the subject of the twin detainees, and that the follow-up legal include details of the case and the conduct of deal of the judiciary and prosecution Finn."

He added: "Iraq is an ongoing attempt to take over these criminals and held accountable, and their trial inside Iraq ", adding that these two individuals entered to Finland on mostly as an asylum, and the subject turned over to Iraq needs several days pending the Finnish authorities complete their investigations primary and make sure if they are linked to terrorist networks exist on the territory Finnish."

According to the paper that officials Interior Ministry Finnish said during their meeting Iraqi delegation from the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq in Finland: "that the accused be tried in Finland because of a lack of agreement between the two countries to hand over the accused", and expressed fear of their country from the escape of the accused when to hand them over to Iraqi authorities or help them to do so.