The role of the private sector in the federal budget support

12/14/2015 0:00

Abdulrahman Shaykhli

Many wonder about the federal budget deficit for the years 2015 and 2016 and means that can be overcome this deficit, and it was among the options local currency printed without cover as was the case in the totalitarian financial system before 2003.

But the risks of this method is to increase the size of inflation and thus lower the dollar value of the Iraqi dinar, as we must seriously think about the means and methods of other existing originally but is disabled. Among these adjust the control of the tax system in a way to upholding segments of specific tools and not let room for covered her evade them, adjust the control of the Alkmarki system to include all goods entering through controlled centrally border crossings and not to allow the entry of goods without being subject to duties of customs, taking into account the terms of control quality domestic goods, and to ensure that necessary to amend some of the laws and regulations in force and restricted to a market economy.

In order to adopt new sources to supplement the rentier approved budget mainly on the export of oil to be left the way for the private sector to take its role appropriate cross make way to him in the agricultural, industrial and downstream projects and industry petroleum products, which will provide us the opportunity to self-sufficiency and export the surplus, thus reducing imports, thus easing the burden on the vocabulary of the operating budget, knowing that some of the projects list but Mtoagafhan work so far.

It is the basic underpinnings Other privatization of some government projects through the application of a global advisory institutions sober providing consults in this aspect and benefit from the expertise of some of the personalities of the owners of big capital with investments in order to bear part of the responsibility in the management of the economy especially those who can benefit from their investments in budget support in the case stalled as it was in force at the beginning of the formation of the modern Iraqi state in 1921.

It is known in the world's economies Aharalaatmad like those in men policy-making and not, as is the case (non-natural) in the manufacture of some politicians who relied on financial and administrative corruption in various activities after the US occupation of Iraq.

One of the important things the other, we have to work on re attract owners of capital Iraqi immigrant and to allow them and encourage them to invest in the country in addition to relying on foreign investment.