Prime industrial assembly: Port of FAO will strengthen the Iraqi economy and compete with the Suez Canal
On: Wednesday 02/29/2012 14:18

Baghdad (news) .. Prime assembly industrial Abdel Hassan Shammari that the construction of the port of Faw will support the Iraqi economy through annual revenues being shortened distances to countries consuming goods.

Al-Shammari said (of the Agency news) said on Wednesday: The port of Faw is of great importance for the Iraqi economy through their intake of the annual financial which will equal the oil that the region will be a magnet for the goods a lot of European countries and Asian countries and will give service to the peoples of the world through the transfer of their goods by road instead of the sea and the delivery as soon as possible.

He pointed to: that the draft port of Faw is one of the big projects that can be exploited because it will reduce the of the distance between Asia and Europe.
He explained: that the channel is dry Iraqi will link Basra, Syria, Lebanon, and bring the distance between Europe and Asia may have to take too short take a week or less for the arrival of goods into the country of destination because it will not pass the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea and Suez Canal and the Mediterranean, stressing that this port will help the Iraqi economy through imports and the economy (EU) through the short distance.

noted: that the main reason for failing to build the port of Faw to date back to the Palace of the economic outlook of Iraq and the absence of specialists in this aspect, because this area will link the FAO in Syria and will compete with the Suez Canal