Jaafari: "Several countries were unanimous that what Turkey has done in violation of the sovereignty and they stand to the side of Iraq."

​Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said we had contacts with a number of foreign ministers of countries of the world, and unanimously agreed that what Turkey has done in violation of the rule, and they stand to the side of Iraq.
And between al-Jaafari during a press statement he made ​​after the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs meeting yesterday received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of "sovereignty is a red line, and do not allow violating, and overcome, and that the presence of Turkish troops in this way bypass on Iraq, adding that he" was summoned Turkish ambassador in Baghdad, and handed him over a protest note, and we had with him a detailed interview, told the Turkish government.
"He talked directly with Turkish Foreign Minister who initiated, and contact me by telephone for 40 minutes, explaining the Turkish Foreign Minister promised that Turkey would not send new troops , and told him that we are not talking about sending new troops, but talking about the Turkish camp in Bashiqa area which should be closed, and withdraw the armed forces, noting that "the Turkish delegation and after a long dialogue, said: We agree in principle, and we go back to our leaders, and we give the position, and after their return to Turkey came the permit otherwise the promise of the delegation.
"He said al-Jaafari said the Foreign Ministry since last Sunday has on several axes included the Iraqi-Turkish direct dialogue based on our commitment to our strategic relationship with Turkey as part of a system of geographical proximity to Iraq states, adding that he" moved the League of Arab States, and we contacted Dr. Nabil Elaraby of the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, and we asked for an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers.
"He continued: We contacted the Foreign Ministers of the Arab states, and supported it, and some of them contact the Secretary-General, and told him to agree, and Tnoa at Iraq's request, and will determine the , and held the emergency meeting has also been contact with ambassadors of the permanent members of the Security Council, and invited them to a meeting at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, and they are: Ambassador of the United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, the meeting concluded with three convictions were serious and matching the Iraqi position, a first :
denounced the intervention, and they saw Massa sovereignty, and secondly: demanded that the withdrawal of these forces, and III expressed readiness because the stand by Iraq in the Security Council, and it was a good meeting.
"Jaafari said: the people, the government and the House of Representatives, bookmark, and civil society institutions, and everyone reject the presence of Turkish troops on Iraqi soil, and insist on keeping the unity, and sovereignty of Iraq, and will not tolerate it, and this is the subject of a national consensus.
"He said when we allow the state to intervene, it means that we are tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will allow other nations; and then Iraq will be a station implications for regional wills, we will not allow it, and we call strongly to withdraw troops from Iraqi territory with our keen desire on our relations with Turkey.
And that was to make contact with the foreign number of countries in the world and ministers, and we exchanged views, and thanks to them they respond quick and seriousness; they unanimously agreed that what Turkey has done in violation of the rule, and they stand together with Iraq
and said we contacted in Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, and they were fully prepared to respond to Iraq's request .. We talked with John Kerry, US Secretary of State, and Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister both separately, we emphasized our commitment to our relations with Turkey, but we will not accept what happened, and if we can not reach a solution, we will demand the position of the Security Council, and the response is good, pointing out that we talked with a representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Jan Curbech Baghdad, and we conducted consultations about it , many potential implications, and was eager to Iraqi convinced, and everyone unanimously agreed that the health of the Iraqi position, and adopted for this position, stressing that "the head of Iraq's mission in New York officially handed over Iraq's request to the Security Council."
He said al-Jaafari that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made ​​the decision to send three delegates to The Security Council and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO], the European Union, and these delegations mission to clarify the latest developments on the ground, and we emphasize the request of Iraq, and the withdrawal of troops from Iraqi territory.
"He said the" meeting held in the office of President of the Republic in which views were enriching, did not differ to save the unit, and do not allow the violation of Iraq's sovereignty, and everyone stuck to national unity, and emphasized the opportunities the National Front, and the unity of the situation at this critical juncture. "The three presidencies in the presence of leaders of political blocs held a meeting yesterday at the headquarters of the republic presidency and rejected by its statement the Turkish intervention military in northern Iraq confirmed the government support to take any action in the defense of the rule of Alarac.