Hashemi: Iraqi state united for the first time because of the Turkish incursion

BAGHDAD / ... View head of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies confident Hashemi, Sunday, that the Iraqi state, united for the first time because of Turkish incursions into Iraqi territory, as he emphasized that the crisis in the international relations of the language wars, but neither treated by resorting to peaceful methods. He said al-Hashimi's "Eye Iraq News", that "the Iraqi state Batiaffha all united for the first time by going out a unified position condemns Turkish incursions into Iraqi territory," noting that "some politicians do not wish to express their disapproval publicly on the entry of Turkish troops to the country." He added that "Iraq's use of the military option, the direction of Turkey is difficult, considering that Iraq does not have enough to cope with Turkey's military force," adding that "international relations is neither treated by war but to resort to peaceful ways." He said al-Hashemi "The positive steps Iraq after submitting a complaint to the UN Security Council on the Turkish incursion".