Parliamentary committee calls for companies to activate the industrial sector for equivalent imported industries

[Baghdad - where] called on the Commission to self-finance companies parliamentary, activating the industrial sector for equivalent imported industries.A statement by the Office of the Chairman of the Committee MP Abdul-Karim al-Naqib, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of the Captain "met with a group of members of the boards of directors of the Ministry of Industry companies [cotton and woolen textile, electrical and leather chemicals, leather, tobaccos from the provinces of Baghdad, Babil, Najaf and Missan Dhi Qar, Diwaniyah and Wasit to study the reality of these companies and the obstacles that stand in front of their success.
"explained Captain, according to the statement," The discussion took place during the meeting about the rehabilitation of these plants and to provide raw materials to it by the government for the mechanism of re-logo [Made in Iraq]. "
He pointed to "the need for concerted all efforts in order to reach to the activation of the industrial sector and revitalize the work of these companies to be parallel imported Industries or the best ones."
She was a member of the Committee on Parliamentary companies Ibtisam Hilali, said yesterday's [where], "The committee met and discussed the deal with the problems pertaining to self-finance companies and how to get to the activation of the industrial sector to the work of these companies to be synonymous Industries foreign or better, "indicating" of the problems of these companies, is the Minister of Industry's decision to integrate these companies into groups, as they Rqadwa so categorically , noting that it would affect companies and their work, as well as non-treated other ministries such as defense, interior and justice with the companies and give them a short time does not exceed ten days to provide ministry to the product, and this is to thwart the companies.
"She said," This is an important note you should pay attention to it, and to require ministries to deal with companies in order to give importance to the Iraqi industry, "pointing out that" these problems will have great interest and will be within the Commission's report which will be presented on Monday about the national product support and commit other ministries to contract with industry.
"The Council of Ministers decided on the sixth of October last, the integration of of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and self-funded with some of them, according to the principle of limbering in public administrations and the similarity of artistic activity and geographic location of public companies based on the provisions of the Public Companies Act of 1997 as amended separation of backing the engineering firm of paragraph [7] of it and rename the merged companies to suit the business.
For his part, Counting Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji government's decision to merge the self-financing companies that will contribute to activating the work of its direction Asahih.