Legal parliamentary vote on a draft law gives every Iraqi piece of residential land

Voice of the parliamentary legal committee on the proposed law provides for the granting of Iraqis who do not have housing Tmenm Residential Land. "
A member of the Legal Committee deputy secretary-Bakr, in a press release received for News Agency (et) a copy of "The committee voted yesterday to a bill transferring the ownership of all Iraqis residential plots of those who do not have a registered residence in their name, indicating that the Legal Committee voted on the bill and that Cut to allocate residential land area of 200 meters for those who do not have the housing. "
He added that our committee formed and in association with the Ministries of Housing and Construction and municipalities, planning and agriculture Commission to identify land that could be distributed to citizens. "
"The Commission will raise this proposal to the Presidency to read the first and second reading and then vote on it."