Erdogan - Barzani of money laundering to oil

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: It is obvious that invests Massoud Barzani; incident downed in Turkey to fight the Russian "Sukhoi -24", the Russian escalation towards Ankara, which led to a material loss in the field of tourism, and disable the generation nuclear reactor, as well as major blow represented to cut off the gas, being known in alliance with the devil, in order to implement his own interests.
With these words began to Iraqi journalist Zaidoun Nabhani writer his article published in the site News awareness, which stated: Barzani family, which came to be known, to trade more than politics, being in control of all the Kurdistan Region resources, natural source and the other from the central government, which through its control of funds impose on the people Kurdish, is contrary to his political ambitions, according to the site 'Shafaqna', and I followed 'obelisk'.
The recent visit of Massoud to Turkey; were not innocent, like its predecessors, it invests disagreements Turkey last with Russia, to put himself a substitute in time can not be Ankara's rejection of his efforts, they do not attempt to open an internal front with Turkey's Kurds, who affects them Barzani, one way or another.
After years of money laundering; moving my family Barzani and Erdogan; to open the oil washing lines, especially since the recent Russian reports have proven, the influence of Bilal son Erdogan on oil exported by Daash, and published the photo collection combines the eldest son of the Turkish President, with influential leaders in Daash, attached pictures of trucks of oil flowing from areas controlled by the organization in Iraq.
Striking is introduced Barzani mediation; between the governments in Baghdad and Ankara, after recent tensions as a result of the Turkish invasion of the conductor, as if Barzani, leader of a neutral country, or the accuracy that the region does not recognize the positions of Baghdad escalating, we do not know how long ago became Kaka Massoud; a good relationship with the Turks ?! Understanding on a permanent dispute, can Nkhtzareth parking Turkey, against the Kurdish State project.
Israel; friendly parties and Her influence in their decisions; are near views, and established a business partnership permanent, between the two families, Massoud and Erdogan, being the sole beneficiary of the Iraqi oil washing; where no more than the price of a barrel, half the price offered in the "OPEC".
Senior Kurdish political statements; Mahmoud Othman; about the relationship between Barzani and Israel; demonstrate that they are not born of the moment; it Othman stressed his visit to Israel twice, accompanied by Mullah Mustafa, the father of Massoud Barzani, while I admit to visit Massoud Tel Aviv three times, while pleased with the son of Massoud largest , it is travel a lot for Israel; also said Osman.
These visits with Ankara's relationship with the well-known Zionist occupation; suggest relative prosperity of the oil market getaway, especially if Kurdistan raised another route for the smuggling of oil; roads is controlled by Russian aircraft; and Turkey, which were used previously.
Visit Barzani is trying to jump income families; and replacing the old workmanship of money laundering to what is the largest and more useful oil washing, after the success of the two families enter a Daash to Iraq, and prejudice to the control of the central government on oil exports, added to the region and the Kirkuk oil, you'll find a partnership "families" outlet To be considered as the largest oil exporter in the world.