After Baghdad and Basra, Muthanna proceed to issue the national card in Samawa

The side of the press conference to announce the launch of the national card project in Muthanna It embarked on Civil Status Directorate in the city of Samawah, Muthanna province on Sunday, the granting of a unified national card for the citizens of the city who represent a third of the population of the province.
The general director of citizenship in Iraq, Maj. Gen. Mahdi al-Waeli at a joint news conference with the governor and President of the Council, attended by the correspondent tow it work is under way to complete the release mechanisms in the rest of the personal status in the province of Muthanna areas circles, indicating that accelerate and direct work in the rest of the circuit mechanism depends on the speed the completion of infrastructure by local governments.
Waeli He pointed out that the single card contains 12 digits for each person and that any circle of belonging circles are not entitled to the Interior Ministry demanding any Msthompsk of the four ancient archives, noting at the same time that the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers issued a directive to all ministries to deal with this card Kmsthompsk official single.
For his part, the governor of Muthanna Faleh Ziadi pointed out that the local government will support this project by all means despite the financial crisis experienced by the province, adding that this support will be to provide the buildings necessary for the completion of this project and cadres.
And started the Personal Status Directorate in the hand of the district of Abu Fertile south of Basra in December 6, 2015 granting a unified national card to the people of the Saybah Earlier in Baghdad began issuing this card for a number of the inhabitants of the capital.