A meeting of leaders of blocs: do not rule out options are diplomacy with Ankara

12/14/2015 (00:01 pm)
BAGHDAD / Wael grace

Yet the Baghdad government for not considering using the military option to remove Turkish troops from north of Mosul. But the last meeting of the presidencies of the three leaders of the blocks and alluded to the existence of other solutions non-diplomatic means will curse them soon, if Ankara did not withdraw its strength from Iraqi territory. Presidencies meeting Saturday evening in Baghdad may be the first since the formation of the Government of Abadi, in September 2014, as it was attended by all the political leaders at the highest levels to get out a unified position from the crisis with Turkey, as well as discussions revolved around the budget and legislation reforms and the controversial laws.

The government will start according to the leak of the meeting deduct the amounts described a small figure of the employees' salaries in the budget of 2016 in exchange for greater support for the popular crowd and displaced persons.
The government will increase the budget of the crowd of more than a trillion dinars, while the displaced people will have a new additional amounts estimated at 20% of previous allocations.
And it waved political forces recently it may have to not to vote on the 2016 budget that if the government did not increase funding for the popular crowd, and lift the displaced people, estimated at more than 3 million people allocations.

Backstage presidencies meeting
And the scenes of presidencies Saturday's meeting, the President of the Rafidain Bloc MP Yonadam he says that "26 people came to the meeting representing all political forces in addition to the three presidencies."
He said we were, who attended the meeting through contact with the (range), said that "there is almost a consensus in the meeting occurred Saturday between the political blocs on the need to resort to diplomatic options to deal with the Turkish crisis."
And keen political forces and the three presidencies, according to what was discussed at the meeting, to maintain good relations with neighboring countries, and the use of the Arab League and the United Nations to force Ankara to withdraw its troops from north of Mosul.
But the head of the Rafidain bloc says "diplomacy may not be other solutions, but there will be other options will be announced in a timely manner if Turkey did not comply with Iraq's demands."
He said Christian MP "These options will be announced at the next meeting of presidencies, which may be in the coming year if the Turkish position has not changed," adding that "Turkey is the only party which owns and operates shields camp inside the territory of Iraq." In reference to the fact Zhelkan camp north Ba'shiqah hand and which is run by the former governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi.
It is likely Congress for Nineveh that Turkey be granted the salaries of the employees of the camp, despite the fact that 1000 was paid the salaries of volunteer body of the popular crowd before being cut for refusing to move to the supervision of the Iraqi government.
On the other hand presidencies and leaders of the blocs meeting discussed the importance of speeding up the resolution of the controversial laws. Abadi As a student, according to Deputy Kanna, the political blocs not to block the bills that will send the government.

Turkey intervened and 2016 budget
The final statement said the meeting presidencies and the leaders of the blocks, "it was focusing on the working principle of the unity of the national position in dealing with all the developments and changes that get both internally and externally, and went in the interest of Iraq and the Iraqis and the country's security and sovereignty, and independence of the center of this regional and international cargo differences and governed by the interests of the conflicting circumstances, and incursion Turkish troops in Iraqi territory. "
He had attended the meeting, the leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki, the leader of the Bloc citizen Ammar al-Hakim, as well as high-level representation of the Sadrist movement. Also attended the leaders and the leader of the Union of Forces Front, Saleh al-Mutlaq dialogue, as well as the leaders of the Kurds, Turkmen and Christians.
MP says Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, leader of the state law, said that "the meeting discussed the 2016 budget, and the audience stressed the need to speed up the vote and the approval of a slight reduction in the salaries of some employees."
He revealed Jaafar (range) that "the meeting talked about the increased attention and the amounts allocated to rally public and displaced persons in the budget next year."
The MP pointed out that the Turkmen "popular crowd budget has risen from 1.8 trillion dinars to 3 trillion dinars allocated also increased for people displaced by 20% from the previous figures amounts."

14 points discussed blocs
And went out of the three presidencies meeting with 14 points, most notably the commitment to work to the principles of unity and committed to the principles of the Constitution and is keen on Iraq's unity and national position. He also praised the meeting trophies and victories achieved in various cutters operations in which fought the army and federal police and the popular crowd and the Peshmerga and the Volunteers clans fighting against terrorism supervisor. The meeting stressed the importance of further liberalization of the remaining cities of Anbar province and begin editing the city of Mosul cherished page.
According to the final statement of the meeting the agreement of the two communities to give thanks and appreciation to the countries that provided and provide support and backing for Iraq in the face of Daash, stressing the importance of the perpetuation of the momentum of this supporter effort to provide our troops on the ground and even achieve victory the expeditious on terror.
Leaders of blocs and presidencies and stressed that any support and attribution of any State of Iraq would have to come through the official channels and Iraqi agreement with them. The entry of Turkish military cuts Iraqi territory without prior agreement or understanding with the Iraqi government can not be accepted or tolerated and Iraq's right to use all legal means to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to support the Iraqi government in the steps it had taken in this regard.
The meeting decided to provide an appropriate atmosphere to open a serious and responsible dialogue between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to address all outstanding issues on the basis of the Constitution and to ensure national unity. As well as to continue efforts with countries and organizations in order to hold your conference reconstruction of Iraq and focus on the problems of displaced persons and to create ways to help them, whether in the temporary displacement areas or return them safely to the liberated areas and the restoration of security.
She stressed Fourteen Points to deal seriously with the financial and economic challenges facing the country and benefit from national and international experience so as to help overcome these problems and to respect the demands of citizens and expressed by reference to the need for a genuine radical reform and what was mentioned in the government program voted by the House of Representatives . Attendees also agreed to hold similar meetings on a regular basis, especially when it is emerging on the Iraqi arena or the region to take specific and common positions.