Finance Committee meets in a government palaces to put the final touches on the budget in 2016

2015/12/14 (00:01

Parliamentary Finance Committee is discussing with the government committee in charge of the prime minister the possibility of the adoption of the federal budget bill in the coming days. But the desire of the two committees collide fall in world oil prices to a sudden $ 37 a barrel.
Highlights in the list of challenges that impede pass the budget debt of foreign oil companies operating in Iraq and the debt owed by law and $ 20 billion next year.
But more than the complexity of the budget passed by the coalition of state law to collect 67 signatures to the law of the process of reducing the proportion of the budget of the Kurdistan region of 17% - 13%.
Turn Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc confirms that prejudice in the budget of the region, "the risk of red." In order to coordinate with the executive branch and accelerate the adoption of the budget, the Parliamentary Finance Committee shall hold its meetings recently with a government committee shared work to amend certain provisions of the budget materials and conduct transfers in exchange some doors.
According to parliamentary sources, the Finance Committee and government counterparts taken from the hostel in the headquarters of the Council of Ministers meetings. MP says Najiba Najib, a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment, said that "the Parliamentary Finance Committee demanded to postpone the adoption of the budget law scheduled on Monday to the next two days because of falling world oil prices, as well as to increase the allocation of the popular crowd and displaced persons."
She drew Najib, told the (range), that "the consequences of the Finance Committee and the State Committee made Takhran resolve points of contention in the budget." Kurdish MP pointed out that "the parliamentary Finance is currently considering several options to address the challenges of the market and raised after the sudden drop in oil prices," and spoke of "measures to provide some funds to build public and displaced persons after the transfers have become inadequate." And describes the member of the Committee that the parliamentary economy "of the proposals on the table in front of the Finance Committee are pensions reduced by 3%." But it excludes the application of these measures on the ground, asserting that "these proposals have not been resolved between the Finance Committee and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance."
MP Najib says that "the reduction of pensions, if implemented, will provide about 500 billion dinars will go to the provisions for the popular crowd," pointing out that "the subject under debate has not been settled yet."
Notes committee member economy that "other obstacles that impede passing the budget is the debt of the international oil companies operating in the central and southern governorates, which is estimated at 20 billion dollars."
He goes Najib said, "There is another challenge facing the budget is necessary to provide for the ration card and the drug money, as well as on the subject of adoption of the price of oil to 45 dollars in the budget is also a subject of debate between the government and the parliamentary committees".
And confirms a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Bloc "The oil agreement between Erbil and Baghdad, the site has been previously activated and included in the draft federal budget law", noting that "linking the region's share of the extent of its commitment to pay the exporting of oil quantities through SOMO, which estimated 500 thousand barrels per day."
In turn, MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki, a member of the Committee on the economy, reveals that "the Finance Committee held at the gates of the budget transfers up to 270 billion dinars."
And between al-Maliki, he told the (range), "has the redeployment of part of the budget of the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Defense to strengthen the security services," pointing out that "the budget need to be a comprehensive review." Despite the sudden drop in oil prices but that the parliament seems optimistic Iraq's ability attain export ceilings set out in the budget.
And confirms the Commission on oil and energy that "The oil ministry is able to export 3.6 per day in 2016 after the rise in the rate of production by about 1.8 million barrels per day."
He says committee member Razak Mahabs (range), "The Oil Ministry is currently exporting 3.2 million barrels per day, or that the export in a progressive state, and therefore, Iraq is able to comply with the stipulated in the general budget of the specific amounts."
But what further complicates pass the federal budget process is the law of the State of Law coalition collect 67 signatures to reduce the proportion of the budget of the Kurdistan region of 17% - 13%.
In turn confirms MP Ala Talabani, head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc, said that "the Kurdistan Alliance puts the red danger to balance the prejudice to the region, amounting to 17%."
She said Talabani, told the (range), "there is a tendency also to reduce expenditures ruling of the territory of the ration card and medication that will generate a disaster for the region and the Kurdish people." She pointed out that "the Kurdistan Alliance is in negotiations and discussions with the political blocs to avoid these problems."
Talabani said "There is a delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan arrived in Baghdad before the period and discuss with the National Alliance on the budget and the possibility of passing in the coming days."