TRA: international companies applied for a license-fourth the value of three billion dollars

2015-12-13 20:08:53 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

It revealed the CMC, on Sunday, that the amount of the fourth license contract up to three billion dollars, and confirmed the receipt of requests from international companies to get a license, as pointed out that the Ministry of Communications has resorted to the judiciary instead of applying for a license.

A member of the Board of Trustees in the body Khalil said in an interview to the pilot (range Press), "The deadline to disclose launched by the Commission in order to confirm the desire of companies to get a fourth mobile license, which ended on Saturday 12 December."

He said the pilot, that "a lot of international companies have applied to the Commission for entry in the competition to get the fourth license and within the time limit," returned offer such a large number of companies "clear confirmation of the impact left by Iraq in the areas of communications in the world."

He noted the pilot, that "the Commission will choose the group of at least ten companies to enter the competition to obtain this license," noting that "the Commission will select companies that meet the standard set by the Commission according to the controls and conditions if the companies applying to have a long experience in the field of communications and its the financial capability to take care of this license. "

And on the participation of the Ministry of Communications in the fourth license confirmed the pilot, "The CMC confirmed and more than once, that the right of the ministry to submit Alert, like other competitors," and expressed regret "for asylum ministry to justice and claim off the body procedures with respect to the fourth license instead of progress to compete and get a license. "

He noted the pilot, that "the body legally objected to the Ministry of Communication Procedures", stressing that "it will not stop the body procedures walked toward the fourth license."

He stressed the pilot, "The fourth license feature is to work the fourth generation system, where you will get a company that will own the fourth license to this system, while you will be able of the three companies operating in Iraq to advance to the fourth generation, two years after moving to the contract with the company Maalikis to license the fourth until there is room for an investor to work. "

He said the pilot, that "the Commission need two months to study the bids," pointing out that "the bids are not taught by the body alone, but by specialized international companies, and contribute to the economic feasibility study and the reality of the telecommunications sector in Iraq."

He revealed the pilot, that "the value of the fourth license will be around $ 2.5 billion to $ 3 billion," they returned it, "a real resource for the country, especially at the present time."

The Ministry of Communications confirmed, in (November 26, 2015), they are waiting for the decision of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on access to the fourth mobile license, while showed "the legal sovereign right" possession of that license, has ruled out entering the bidding called by the CMC being involved "great risk".

The CMC announced (25 October 2015), its intention to launch a fourth license for mobile phones in conjunction with the launch of the fourth generation system early next 2016, and indicated that the launch of the fourth generation system will be according to an auction where competing companies operating in Iraq now, as well as for the Ministry of Communications and other companies.