Krhot: $ 47 billion cost of the reconstruction of Anbar


BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq as head of the Anbar province morning Krhot the size of the damage done to maintain after its occupation by gangs źDaash╗ terrorist and military operations carried out by the security forces and the popular crowd and tribesmen for the Liberation of cities with 47 billion dollars, according to preliminary assessments carried out by the departments competent in Alcil.ooodh Krhot in a press statement today: The źDevastation caused by herds of dark savage infrastructure and official institutions and civilian homes in the province, and then military operations to cleanse the province from the clutches of this terrorist organization did damage estimated with 47 billion dollars so far ╗, pointing out that there is aź serious and sincere intention to work together on the reconstruction of the province after the edit, and displaced persons to their homes ╗.okan international coalition Special Presidential Envoy Bert Mekajerk, it has announced that Iraq will receive a loan of $ 1.2 billion from the International Monetary Fund for the reconstruction of the liberated areas, indicating that the $ 10 million of which will be allocated for the reconstruction of Anbar.