Abadi warns of "obstructing the work of private banks" is to hold accountable "for negligence

He called on the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Saturday, the banking sector to "transform the quantity and quality in the banking activity" in Iraq, and stressed the government's determination to "activate the role of private banks", as warned of "obstacles" put the delay for the work of banks, pledged to "hold negligent."

Haidar al-Abadi, in a speech read on his behalf by Minister of Planning and Salman al-Jumaili at the annual banking conference in Iraq which was held at the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad, and attended (range Press), "The role of the banking sector in building the national economy capable of advancement and development is to support the armed forces The crowd and clans who Istron bright pages in the history of Iraq against (Daash), published his crimes in other countries, Iraqis and became the largest Almtsidin him. "
He added Jumaili, that "the banking sector in Iraq under the government sector for decades and with the confidence enjoyed by the Central Bank of Iraq and the limited number of State-owned banks, but the requirements of comprehensive political change and economic challenges set by him."
He pointed Jumaili, that "the emergence of many activities within the Department of Banking Activities Kalkda banking and project finance all investment signs of a new need to consolidate and sustainability," asserting that "the most important thing was adopted by the government in the reform package is to develop the financial sector through the issuance of a set of procedures and policies that emphasized the implementation and follow-up. "
He Jumaili, that "the country's difficult financial circumstance as a result of lower oil prices at a time when its economy was characterized as a mono over many decades," stressing that "the time has come to activate the economic, agricultural, tourism and other sectors."
The Jumaili, quoting al-Abadi, that "the adoption of a new philosophy of the state based on a free economy and privatization is supposed to support the actions of this transformation the emergence of a strong and efficient banking sector," calling on the banking sector to "conduct an objective review of the problematic in some private banks, which harmed the interests of some of its customers and weakened confidence deal with it. "
Promised Jumaili, banks and financial institutions, "the most important engine of the economy, development and reflected strength in many countries on the strength of its economy," calling on the banking sector to "make a leap in the quantity and quality of the banking activity in Iraq."
He pointed Jumaili, to "Lending Initiative projects industrial, agricultural and housing by $ 5 trillion dinars, as well as trillion half dinars for small projects and launched a few days ago," asserting "the determination of the government to take serious steps to ensure the success of this initiative."
He said in a speech Jumaili Abadi, that "the government is determined to activate the role of the private banks," warning "to put obstacles delayed implementation of the fact that it intended to get the economy moving and to diversify its sources and reduce unemployment," and threatened "to hold accountable for negligence."
The banking system in Iraq is made up of 43 banks, as well as the central bank, and are distributed according to government ownership between seven and 30, including an Islamic civil seven, as well as six foreign banks and is distributed as follows: 600 branches throughout Iraq.