Government adviser: Iraq does not plan to raise energy subsidies to bridge the budget deficit
2015 13 12

Government adviser Iraq confirmed that the government is not planning to lift subsidies on energy and fuel Currently, as a condition of the International Monetary Fund to give Iraq a possible loan to finance the budget deficit, describing it as "rumors", and pointing out that Iraq only on the control program for the experts of the International Monetary Fund beginning in approved November to improve financial management in Iraq.
Some local newspapers have traded as news about the possibility of the government to raise fuel subsidies to arrange a special loan from the International Monetary Fund.
"Iraq agreed to SMP control program by IMF experts, which will provide loans and assistance to Iraq for the payment of disability and there are other discussions on the subject in the second half of December, and health to the request of the fund raising energy support," says the Iraqi government adviser Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh angle
Some local newspapers have traded as news about the possibility of the government to raise fuel subsidies to arrange a special loan from the International Monetary Fund.
Saleh added that the Fund request from Iraq to take measures to combat money laundering and the amendment of the Investment Law, and Both of these were carried out by Iraq has already been issued two new laws pertaining to the Fund's request.
The Iraqi parliament has ratified during the current year 2015, a legal anti-money laundering and terrorism and amend the investment law, which was issued in 2010.
Iraq had begun in November 2015 negotiations with the World Bank and the IMF for a loan of $ 6 billion to cover the deficit in the government budget, according to an earlier statement in favor of the angle

Saleh added that the International Monetary Fund calls for Iraq that there be a unified account of the state treasury, which means that all state accounts are in one place, as well as a new law of financial management and an amendment to that department.
The International Monetary Fund said in a statement last month that the program watched by IMF experts will be presented to management of the Fund for consideration by the year 2016. This program will allow the Iraqi government to establish a positive record of achievement makings of access to financing arrangement from the Fund.
With the expectation that Iraq's foreign exchange reserves -alta amounted to $ 59 billion at the end of the previous month, will fall but will remain at a level sufficient to cover nine months of imports.
Under the IMF said "the Iraqi authorities will implement the correct public finances process, to contain public spending in line with revenues and funds available, and aims to reduce the initial non-oil spending by 4 percent of the total non-oil GDP, during the period between 2014 and 2016 ".
The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords Angle said that the central bank has been involved with the Finance Ministry in talks with the IMF on the loan and the amount is not predetermined, but depends on the indicators and procedures to be considered Fund.
Iraq is suffering in the current budget year, amounting to about $ 100 billion, from a deficit of about $ 25 billion, while the growth rate declined to 1.5% from 8% planned in the 2013-2017 National Development Plan in light of falling oil prices and the continuing war on Daash organization which continues to occupy parts of some Iraqi provinces since June 2014. According to the statement by the angle of the spokesman of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi.
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