Agreement on 14 points at a meeting with the leaders of the three presidencies and the heads of political blocs

By Hussein Zangana

3 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

The Head of the Republic of Iraq Fuad Masum, on Saturday evening, a meeting attended by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, and the leaders and heads of political blocs.

A statement issued from the office of President of the Republic, seen by Roudao network media, "The meeting focused on the working principle of the unity of the national position in dealing with all the developments and changes that get both internally and externally, and went in the interest of Iraq and the Iraqis and the country's security and sovereignty, and independence of the center of this regional and international circumstances charged differences and conflicting interests of the governed, and the incursion of Turkish troops in Iraqi territory. "

The text of the statement below:

In response to the requirements of the conditions experienced by the country, and in order to promote the political process and the development of performance at all levels for the benefit of the construction and the advancement and progress politically and militarily and administratively, it has held ten important meeting at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Saturday, the twelfth evening of December of two thousand and five attended by Messrs President of the Republic and the Prime Minister and the President of the House of Representatives and leaders and heads of political blocs.

The meeting was positive spirit prevailed in good understanding and expression of the high sense of responsibility and that helps to overcome a lot of dilemmas.

Emphasis was placed in this meeting on the principle of work unit of the national position in dealing with all the developments and changes that get both internally and externally, and went in the interest of Iraq and the Iraqis and the country's security and sovereignty, and independence of the center of this regional and international cargo differences and governed by the interests of the conflicting circumstances, the Turkish troops and the incursion into Iraqi territory.

The meeting witnessed a frank and serious discussion on various issues of policy and security developments in the regional and international variables and the site of Iraq these variables and views were close in most of the debate that took place on axes agenda of the meeting.

As an expression of the unity of the assembled position and high sense of responsibility it has been agreed on the following:

1. Principles and commitment to work unit in charge of the national position and committed to the principles of the Constitution and is keen on Iraq's unity, security and independence, especially in the core strategic issues, and in order to achieve a positive atmosphere for the advancement of the political process and the performance of various state institutions.

2. Praise trophies and victories achieved in various cutters operations in which fought the army and federal police and the popular crowd and the Peshmerga and the Volunteers clans fighting against terrorism supervisor was whereby liberalization of a number of towns and villages and towns. And to emphasize the importance of continuing liberalization of the remaining cities of Anbar province and begin editing the city of Mosul cherished page.

3. Support and the assignment of the Iraqi army and the forces of national security and re-organized and secure all the help and what makes them an army and devices capable of performing the national professional role is hoped to them in accordance with the principles of the Constitution in order to preserve Iraq's sovereignty and security of Iraqis.

4. Perpetuate the work on good-neighborly relations and coexistence with all neighboring countries and other countries of the region, and through state institutions, and to reflect meet the interests and independence of Iraq and common interests with everyone and work to develop them. With an emphasis on not enter Iraq in any alignment with any party against the other hand, regionally or internationally.

5. Promote positive relations with the Arab countries and developed in these circumstances in which everyone faces different challenges that require more solidarity and sincere work for peace and progress of the peoples and stability of the region.

6 Assembled an agreement to offer thanks and appreciation to the countries that provided and provide support and backing for Iraq in the face of Daash for their air effort and intelligence and logistical restraints to Iraqi forces in the face of terrorism, stressing the importance of the perpetuation of the momentum of this supporter effort to provide our troops on the ground and even achieve victory the expeditious on terrorism.

7. Any support and outsourcing of any state of Iraq would have to come through the official channels and Iraqi agreement with them. And that the entry of Turkish military cuts Iraqi territory without prior agreement or understanding with the Iraqi government can not be accepted or tolerated and Iraq's right to use all legal means to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to support the Iraqi government in the steps taken in this regard.

8. Gathered agreement to create everything that helps to achieve societal reconciliation and to continue efforts in this area in order to unify the attitude and the participation of all Iraqis to resolve all the problems through dialogue and on the basis of the constitution and political agreements in the federal democratic Iraq build a free, independent.

9. Recommendation to work strenuously in order to accomplish the latter legislation of laws and amendment, the amendment requires of them, and the emphasis on strengthening the positive role of the blocks in the House of Representatives to assist in the formulation of fast delivery and understandings in this regard.

10. Recommendation to provide the appropriate atmosphere to open a serious and responsible dialogue between the federal government and the government of the Kurdistan Aqkulaim to address all outstanding issues on the basis of the Constitution and to ensure national unity.

11. Continue efforts with countries and organizations in order to hold your conference reconstruction of Iraq and focus on the problems of displaced persons and to create ways to help them, whether in the temporary displacement areas or return them safely to the liberated areas and the restoration of security.

12. Seriously deal with the financial and economic challenges facing the country and benefit from national and international experience so as to help overcome these problems, and the revival and revitalization of factories and plants of state-owned development and help of all government agencies for national production support and cooperation of the positive building between the public and private sectors.

13. Respect the demands of citizens and expressed by reference to the need for a real and radical reforms as stated in the government program voted by the House of Representatives. The participants agreed on the induction and work to support any reform effort within the state institutions, including help in the eradication of corruption in the development of the performance of various institutions and helps in providing better services to citizens and believes in Iraq exceeded for this economic and financial situation suffered due to low oil prices.

14. Hold similar meetings on a regular basis, especially when it is emerging on the Iraqi arena or the region to take specific and common positions.