Maliki's coalition: Kurdistan region's announcement to export gas to Turkey is a challenge for the Iraqi people and their government

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Shafaq News / The MP of State of law coalition , Ferdous al-Awadi expressed on Saturday that the announcement of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to export

natural gas to Turkey by next year, is a challenge for the Iraqi people and their government.

The economic security adviser in Kurdistan region , Bioar Khansi said on Friday that the regional government plans to export natural gas to Turkey by the end of next year, according to Turkish media.

Al-Awadi said in a statement received by Shafaq News , that the "declaration of economic security adviser in KGR of its intention to export natural gas to Turkey by next year, is a challenge to the Iraqi people and government, which await more serious position from them against these abuses ".

She added, "It is not entitled for KRG to act in natural resources, which are mainly owned by all the Iraqi people as long it is the property of the people, the only disposed is the federal government, so the government has to play its role and protect the national wealth from these violation do not take a position In order not to be in embarrassments, noting that "the government's silence gives the impression that there is a follower of the agreement between them and the region on this matter."

She said, "Even if there was an agreement, this is not the validity of the government, because the disposition of the property of the Iraqi people is the prerogative of the parliament as the main representative of the Iraqi people."

She added, "The declaration of the region's gas export to Turkey has touched the feelings of the Iraqi people which expresses its indignation in the meantime, the Turkish excesses of the limits of national sovereignty, and this Order shall enter Kurdistan Regional Department in charge with the helping Turks to encroach upon the sovereignty of Iraq."

Awadi noted that "the declaration of the region for this matter enter from within the conflict between the poles that support terrorism such as Turkey, and between Russia to end terrorism in the region, where the region gave an announcing this message to Russia that it is the alternative future by supplying Turkey with gas after Russia cut it from Turkey, "according to the statement