Electricity is discussing with the Government the implementation of Samawah Muthanna station emphasizes the referral within two weeks

Saturday, December 12, 2015

It examined the Ministry of Electricity with the Government and the Vice-Muthanna province implementation of the project of building Samawa power investment plant production capacity of 750 MW, according to a ministry statement said, "Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi met, at the ministry's headquarters with representatives of the companies bidding for the tender to build Samawa investment station province of Muthanna, in the presence of organic Council Representatives for maintaining Adnan al-Asadi and Messenger content, and the governor Faleh Sugar Shaker al-Jubouri and his deputy, and the Under-Secretary for production Khaled al-Samarrai and a number of general managers. " He was Minister of Electricity according to the statement, "to support the ministry and its quest to overcome all obstacles to the implementation of investment Samawa plant project because of its importance and usefulness to the national electricity system in general, and the sons of Muthanna province in particular." He called Fahdawi "qualified companies representatives of the 12 for this tender to provide choice to hold partnership with the ministry the fact that the generating units four predisposing of the monument are the property of the ministry and has a capacity of 500 MW, and in return the company winning the tender built and then add two units to become the plant of 750 MW capacity, under the contract The company run six units and sale of electric power to the Ministry of Electricity, or provide an alternative choice penned the company's appropriate. " He said Minister of Electricity "is that we adhere to any fixed contract option for implementation and it is in consultation and study options for companies with our determination to be carried out the assignment within 14 days, to implement this project by one of these 12 companies." For his part, the governor of Muthanna Faleh sugar, that "the safe preservation We have provided an integrated atmosphere for the work of the companies in which we have many examples of projects implemented and being implemented, we have taken and are taking all legal action against anyone who tries to obstruct the work of these companies," calling on representatives of companies "to visit the province and see ground on security and service in the situation. " Albijan pointed out that the minister called for company representatives to visit the province in coordination with the MPs and conservative, were to set a date to do so. The Ministry of Electricity has held an investment conference last October, in which 12 companies participated specialist, was Tahlleha by a technical committee supreme in the ministry to get to the final wording of a contract for the implementation of the investment Samawa station