$ 80 billion contribution of the aviation sector in the GDP of the countries in the region


During the events of the summit of Arab Aviation and Media 2015 in Bahrain
Held in the Bahraini capital Manama events summit of Arab Aviation and Media, organized by the Arab Aviation Group, under the patronage of the Minister of Transportation and Communications Bahraini M.kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, considered the summit podium sector issues speaking, as the largest regular gathering of journalists with senior officials and experts in the sectors of Aviation and tourism.

It participated in this event to support a large number of global institutions such as the Group «Airbus» and the company «CFM» for the manufacture of aircraft engines, and the Ministry of Tourism in Oman, and for other entities.

Also discussed the summit which was attended by about ??? Media and press from various Arab countries, the reality of the Arab aviation and tourism sector in the light of the political and economic climate is stable through which the region.

The summit focused this year at its fifth session also on a number of issues as an investment potential untapped in the sectors of aviation and tourism in the Arab world, and ways to develop these sectors under the current political and economic challenges in the region, as well as a review of the Bahraini experiment and to highlight the achievements of the Kingdom in the tourism sector and travel.

Speaking on the occasion, said Minister of Transportation and Communications Bahraini M.kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed during his speech opening the summit that Bahrain has made great strides in the field of development and modernization of the air transport sector, which flows into the national economies and is working on the development of all other economic sectors in the region and make those countries and other countries Council real and attractive tourist destinations.

He added: We will not grow any of the other sectors in these countries without being development of the aviation sector and all nations and make the world itself at the center in the investment and tourist attractions and a link with all the countries of the world, stressing that the investment in the aviation sector today has become imperative for every country in the world.

He said bin Ahmed said all the Gulf countries began the actual investments in this vital sector, in terms of the quality of modern and different sizes of aircraft and infrastructure at the airports and logistics sectors in support of this sector, as the GCC has become enviable on what you are doing in this vital approach which offers the best services to work to attract more

For his part, Chief Executive Officer of «Air Arabia» Adel Ali said in a speech at the opening of the summit: «the aviation sector is still significantly contributes to the economies of Arab countries and her career development.

Over time, it increases the importance of a close and reciprocal relationship between aviation and tourism sectors. »

He added: We are delighted to be part of this event is important and that brings under its umbrella a large number of experts and decision-makers in the sector in order to explore the opportunities and mutual benefits that Satahaa strengthen partnerships between the sectors of aviation and tourism, which in turn contribute effectively to the achievement of sustainable economic development, in order to develop and to promote tourist traffic between the Arab countries.

In the same context, the CEO of Bahrain Airport Mohammad Yousuf bin Falah said: We are delighted to choose Bahrain to host the fifth annual session of the summit of Arab Aviation and Media, which represent great importance for us on the level of aviation and tourism sectors.

The move reflects the history of Bahrain in this area and its leading position in the development of the industry, and will highlight Bahrain's experience in the development of tourism and aviation.

We look forward to working with our many partners over the next few months for the success of this year's summit, which will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening the relationship between aviation and tourism sectors in the Arab world.

In turn, Executive Vice President of the International Air Transport Association «IATA» in the Middle East and North Africa region Hussein Dabbas: More than 25 said a thousand aircraft to 1300 airport in the world and holds more than 3 billion passengers per year, indicating that the air transport sector contributes in support of more than 85 million jobs in the world.

He pointed out that the sector is one of the most productive economic sectors, especially that achieves Milirah revenues, compared to other sectors such as agriculture and industry, which contributes more than $ 80 billion in gross domestic product for the countries of the Middle East.

He explained that there are three things which aim for the success and development of the sector first to be safe to provide the best standards to be followed in safety with the airlines, then sustainability come as our goal the elimination of 50% of greenhouse gas emissions to preserve the environment and that in the coming years, and the last resort of profitability, expected increase sector revenues worth $ 27 billion over the next six months, which means that the aviation sector is witnessing remarkable growth year after year, despite the challenges facing the sector.

For his part, Secretary General of the Arab Air Carriers Organization Abdul Wahab apple called on Arab governments to the need to support the airline sector in general, travel, and to consider this sector is an important tributary of the sources of income as well as the development of the movement caused by the states, so that the support is not only to airports is limited

He said that the development and support of the aviation sector to help create jobs, especially as the countries of the region enjoys much of the potential as well as the culture of hospitality we enjoy and which is lacking in many countries of the world.

He pointed out an apple to three problems facing the sector in the region, the first of limited space that fly by civil aircraft, due to reserve the rest of the space for military forces in the Arab countries, which is prohibited areas of civil aviation, while the governments of European countries allow the use of civil aviation for the areas of military aviation, which must It is followed by Arab governments and requires that the distribution of spaces, secondly equipment air navigation lacks development, Third: the freedom to move from one country to another need sufficient flexibility for the advancement of the sector.

«IATA»: Kuwait Airport need to develop .. Kuwait worth more than that

Executive Vice President of the International Air Transport Association «IATA» for the Middle East and North Africa Hussein Dabbas said that Kuwait is heading towards the improvement of the infrastructure of the airline its own to raise the capacity for passengers and travelers and keep up with the development of the aviation sector on the international and regional levels, noting that the Kuwaiti government It is considering building a new airport.

He added: «There is no doubt that during the past years, there was no growth in the movement and, of course, the problems that have occurred in the last period. May not be such as Kuwait airport, Kuwait, I think, deserve to have a much better than the currently existing airport ». He said Kuwait Airways progressing good steps towards improving the fleet through the purchase of new aircraft and improve the quality of service.

«Arab Air Carriers Organization»: Kuwait will return a major hub for travel

The Secretary General of Arab Air Carriers Organization Abdul Wahab apple that Kuwait Airways took unfortunately a large period of time on the issue of not being able to right decision for the airline to take nostalgic «Kuwait», indicating that things are improving at the moment, and Kuwaiti re-equip itself again, nor doubt that Kuwait's future and plan the expansion of the airport will be very excellent, and Kuwait always a vital market for travel, and will return a major hub for travel centers in the world.

And asked about the competition in Kuwait apple she said: «any airline can not compete may not survive. I am sure that the Kuwaiti able to compete with all international airlines. »

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