Parliamentary economy reveal many facilities to "investment" and emphasizes security hinders his movement

12.12.2015 at 12:45 (GMT Baghdad)

Special scales News
A member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament MP Ahmed Kanani, on Saturday, that the deteriorating security situation in Iraq is the cause of the lack of blockbuster foreign companies to the country.

He said Kanani's / scales News /, that "one of the main reasons that still experienced by foreign investors and foreign companies is the deterioration of the security situation of Iraq at the present time, although the new law, which was approved by the President of the Republic put many facilities."

Kanani said, "These facilities will attract a lot of Almsttmern," adding, "The most important of these facilities Tmilk short time duration of the ground, and stay away from the single window with facilitating continuous transactions in government departments and leave the boring routine."

He referred to the advantages granted by the law and the Iraqi or foreign investor the right to own land and property belonging to the State allowance define the foundations calculated in accordance with a special system has the right to own land and property belonging to the mixed and private sectors for the purpose of the establishment of housing projects Hasra.anthy / 29