Iraq joins the beneficiary of good waste treatment technique countries
December 201 511

Researched and Minister of Health and Environment Adila Hammoud with a number of Arab environment ministers and foreign ways to strengthen environmental cooperation and activating improve the environmental aspects of reality, as announced Iraq's accession to the countries that will benefit from the good waste treatment technology.

The Awareness and Information Department of Environmental Day that "the Minister of Health and Environment Adila Hammoud met on the sidelines of the Paris summit a number of ministers of Arab and foreign environment including Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, France, Iran and the United States, and discussed with them the whole environmental aspects and ways to strengthen cooperation among themselves.

"The Hammoud, after her meeting with the Moroccan Minister of Environment and President of the next conference to be held in Marrakech next year and announced during the meetings of the Arab Group, chaired by Morocco and Iraq to join the countries that will benefit from the good waste treatment technology.

She said awareness and media Environment Department said Secretary of Health and Environment discussed with Jordanian Minister of Environment and benefit from the Jordanian expertise in the area of ​​capacity-Iraqi technical cadres in the field of environmental police building, and the calculation of cost of environmental degradation and natural reserves, and the price of Jordanian minister in turn Iraqi technical delegation to stressed Jordan's readiness to make efforts support for Iraq in the environmental field.

It is said that the presidency of the Conference of the French side has prepared a technical delegation negotiating the Iraqi government and the working paper is the best between the countries in the world classified as the most active and the most organized and professional delegations praised the French Foreign Minister President of the Conference of the Iraqi delegation Technical Co at the Paris Conference.