American Parliament vote on arming the Peshmerga directly

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11/12/2015 16:19
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Approved the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives, on Friday, legislation authorizes arming the Peshmerga forces directly, without reference to the Iraqi government, and waits for decision congressional vote to pass, as opposed the Iraqi embassy in Washington on the resolution, described as "illogical".

The head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Parliament Ed Royce said in an interview transfer site CNS News American news and seen by the (long-Presse) that "the elements of the Peshmerga forces are allies of the United States the only ones who are fighting on the ground against al (Daash)."
He Royce that "during the year and a half years we were a fighter one effective on the ground in this battle, but they are Peshmerga forces, consisting of 160 000 fighter Women make up 30% of the strength of this force," pointing out that "on the basis of the report of the Ministry of Defense, the majority of forces losses Peshmerga were attributed to their lack of good armament and equipment necessary compared to arming the Iraqi armed forces and elements of the popular crowd. "

For its part, it raised the Iraqi Embassy in Washington protested against this decision, describing it as "illogical and Dharaurera."
Iraqi embassy said in a statement issued by hanging on the topic "The decision taken in Parliament based on political reasons this is a shame because all the Iraqis and our allies focus at this time needs to be directed to defeat (b Daash)", indicating that "the call false divisions between Iraqis do not result in only divert attention from the battle against our common enemy. "

It is said that the decision legitimized by Parliament and which will be subject to a congressional vote later requires the US government that the Kurdish forces are providing and directly multiple varieties of sophisticated conventional weapons, which include anti-tank weapons and tanks with wheels armored vehicles and long-range artillery with small arms and ammunition with contact and raincoats equipment lead and helmets market with necessary equipment and other military equipment.

President Obama has issued a decision to veto last October on a proposal authorizes arming Kurdish forces directly, after warning the White House that such a decision would undermine and weaken the Iraqi government in a big way.

Little Kurdistan region of Iraq's parliament praised Saturday (May 16, 2015), the Special Council of arming the Peshmerga forces US House of Representatives resolution directly without reference to the Iraqi government, while confirming that this decision will have an impact in the elimination of al (Daash).
He acknowledged the US House of Representatives, in, (15 May 2015) the national defense budget for 2016 worth $ 612 billion, which provides one of the paragraphs on the need to arm the Kurds and the Sunnis in Iraq directly and separately from the central government in Baghdad.

The budget set aside $ 715 million for security aid to Iraq but required to grant 25% of them to the Kurds and the Sunnis in Iraq directly and separately from the Iraqi government.