Sistani calls for the government to respond to penetrate the Turkish troops
Dr. Osama Mehdi
Friday, December 11th

Called Shiite cleric in Iraq, Sistani on the government to deal with any breach of the territory of the country, whatever its source, alluding to the need to address to penetrate the Turkish forces and the Iraqi territory .. As called for support to youth areas, controlled by the organization Daash, money and weapons, to enable them to participate in the face of terrorism.

BAGHDAD: Mr. Ahmed net Certified Reference top Shi'ite cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani Friday sermon preacher, Karbala said (110 km) south of Baghdad, during Friday prayers, which pursued "Culture", the relations between the countries of the world organized by international charters provide for the lack of overtaking on its territory and does not allow any country to send troops to the territory of another state, under the pretext of its support in the fight against terrorism, unless this is done by agreement between the Governments of the two countries in a clear and explicit, and, referring to send Turkey, about 200 military to the nearby northern Iraqi city of Mosul areas, to train volunteers , in order to liberate them from the control of the organization "Daash", which occupied the tenth of June 2014.

He stressed the need to respect the neighboring countries and the rest of the world to Iraq's sovereignty, respect for territorial integrity, and refrain from sending any troops into its territory without Iraqi government approval, which asserts that it is responsible for the lack of tolerance for any country beyond the country's sovereignty and penetrate its borders, whatever the justifications.

To safeguard the rights of residents

He called on the Iraqi political forces to unify their positions in this area, and work to ensure the maintenance of Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity .. as citizens demanded leprosy ranks in these difficult circumstances, and the preservation of the rights of residents in Iraq than people of other countries, and do not violate, in reference to the threats launched Iraqi armed group calling itself the "death squads" against Turkish targets and Turks residing in Iraq.
Certified Sistani noted that Iraq wants to cooperate with all neighboring countries, as calls from other countries, mutual respect him and the preservation of the sovereignty and integrity of all States .. warning that the region is experiencing a number of risks, and where terrorism beat everyone when it has the chance, which calls for of its coordination to confront the common enemy, which is terrorism.

Today, Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi called for Turkish troops to withdraw from Iraqi territory immediately and fully.
This came during a meeting held by the minister in Baghdad with Feridun Sinrlh Ihsanoglu, Special Representative of the Turkish Prime Minister, accompanied by the President of the Turkish National Intelligence Service Hakan Fidan, where they discussed "the nature of the emerging between Iraq and Turkey position, resulting from the entry of Turkish troops into Iraqi territory," he statement said to defend the Iraqi journalist received "Elaph" Friday.

He stressed Iraq's defense minister on the need for the Turkish government's initiative a positive attitude takes into account the general rules of international law and the principles of good neighborliness between the two countries and the historical relations between the two peoples .. stressing the need for full and immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops and the preservation of the sovereignty of Iraq.

For his part, the private Turkish Prime Minister Envoy for the keenness of Turkey's unity and integrity of the Iraqi territories and the preservation of the historical relations existing between the two peoples, as well as readiness to resolve the problem existing in accordance with the practical arrangements, to be agreed upon between the parties, and in accordance with the joint coordination between the two mechanisms for dialogue.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, told the Turkish delegation during its meeting last night that the solution to the current crisis between the two countries is limited to the full withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraqi territory, and that this will open the way for positive relations, coordination and cooperation between the two neighboring countries in various fields.

He stressed that the Turkish military force entry into Iraq was without the knowledge of the Iraqi government and without request or permission of the Iraqi federal authorities. He said that any statement other than that, and no one was issued, it is real, and not based on accurate information, and is intended to confuse and mislead public opinion .. He pointed out that the talk about training tasks and the presence of military forces will not be wasted fact flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereignty by the side Turkish.