Bolani for Mrbd: Modify the investment law will turn the port of Faw to economic power
Friday, 11 December 2015 - 14:07

A commission of economy and investment for the presidency parliamentary ratification of the Second Amendment to the investment law, as pointed out that the law that may contribute to the conversion of the port of Faw south of Basra into an economic power.

Committee Chairman Jawad al-Bolani Radio tow that the first important work after the ratification of the law will work to transform the port of Faw to extensive and important economic power is beneficial to Basra, Iraq, in general, calling at the same time, the central government and local governments the legislative and executive, both to support and encourage steps State towards open up wide and many in the field of investment, especially after the presidency authentication on investment which is an important indicator of the evolution look the state towards investment in the private sector and the introduction of foreign expertise, as well as providing support to the international effort to help Iraq's economic development his career law.

On the other hand Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary pointed to the intention of Iraq to provide invitations to investors to attend the Second International Investment Conference in the country which will be held in the fourth month of February 2016, especially after the age of Iraq's new investment law meets the requirements of investors through open many horizons in the aspects of finance and ownership, rights and protection and encourage investors to come to the country.