Kurdistan Alliance: Maliki shirk its obligations for the Iraqi Federal Constitution
29/02/2012 10:13
29/02/2012 10:13

Erbil, February 29 (Rn) - The spokesman of the Kurdistan Alliance (the Democratic and Patriotic Union) in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Wednesday, that the statements made by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki last Monday on the powers granted to local governments while maintaining the centrality of the state is the disclaimer for commitment to the Constitution the country's permanent.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has said in a speech at a conference of decentralization in Iraq, which was held day before yesterday, Monday, that "Iraq is still a target which is still Banfez in the former Baathist regime," asserting that "all Iraqis are looking for the unity of the country and not be divided ".

Maliki said that he "must give more authority to local governments in the provinces of Iraq to make further reconstruction while maintaining the centrality of the state especially with regard to foreign affairs and natural resources," pointing out that "the system of decentralization may lead to the division of Iraq."

According to Farhad Atrushi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), that "al-Maliki was one of the members of the drafting of the current Constitution of Iraq in 2005," he said, adding that "al-Maliki accustomed to shed light from time to time on certain issues most notably its emphasis to include the permanent constitution of the country's errors should be corrected by adjusting the Constitution. "

The Atrushi that "al-Maliki appeared recently to talk about the decentralized system that takes the country towards partition," pointing out that "Maliki's statements that evade the commitment the country's permanent constitution, which shows no faith in the Constitution."

He added by saying that "al-Maliki is trying to rebuild Iraq, according to his views is not according to the country's permanent constitution Oarac strong strong leadership," adding that "al-Maliki seeks through it to the manufacture date for him and his party."

And the spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance, he said, "If al-Maliki believed the Constitution, why make comments like these," adding that "the Constitution was drafted in accordance with two principles of democracy and federalism, and the last two parts contain two basic decentralized political and administrative decentralization."

He continued that "the aspirations of the al-Maliki that a source of great concern because it can not dialogue with those who does not believe the Constitution while emphasizing every day to reference the Constitution of each of all the problems," and wondered, "Is the Constitution for Nokia constitution, except in the case of compatibility with the perceptions of Maliki's personal?".

From: Hassan Repin, see: Aso Haji