Source: the arrival of 200 US troops to Eid al-Assad air base in Anbar 12/10/2015

Follow-up -oreet - said early on Thursday, the source of the arrival of 200 US troops to Al Asad Airbase to participate in a military operation to liberate Al-Anbar, from the control of Daash.

A source in the leadership of al-Anbar military operations, said that the "military transport aircraft belonging to the US Army landed in Ein al-Asad base airport and transported 200 US special forces soldier and quantities of weapons and combat equipment."

He added that "American troops that arrived in Ein al-Assad will base its combat Special Assignments in the western regions with the purge control and the surrounding areas of the base and prevent the approach of elements Daash them and destroy their hideouts."

He explained that "the American troops stationed in Habbaniyah base is determined to direct the process of liberalization of gray as well as the Iraqi units with the intensification of overflights," and that "the Americans had told the Iraqi side that they Sazjon Apache fighter during the operation."

The source said that "the American plan includes the implementation of an airdrop inside gray and deploy snipers in order to facilitate the exit of parents who Daash being held as human shields."

The Iraqi forces have been able to purge this week of nationalization areas presidential palaces and the headquarters of Anbar Operations Command from the control of the organization Daash.a / h