OPEC help Iraq to enter hell

Seems that the dispute in OPEC, the face of a bullet to the heart of the hopes, about the possibility of the high price of a barrel of oil, as it seems that the race will be the largest Alnaszewn Dma.edo Commission on oil and energy parliamentary - Hussein Awad, explained to us .. Why Stensv the country is greater than her colleagues in OPEC:
"The insistence of OPEC not to unify their prices, will negatively impact on the Iraqi economy, as it would range price of a barrel of 25 to 30 dollars, what will cause the paralysis of state institutions, movement, and the government's inability to pay its employees," and face Awad belongs to the Liberal, finger-pointing hand "America and Israel", and the results that move the game prices "are implementing a blueprint for the manipulation of global oil prices, the protection of their interests in the region .. through the international coalition that supports the organization Daash terrorist in Iraq", and returned Attorney Alohrrari, adding evidence that the the occurrence of the bulk of the ax dispute in OPEC will be over Iraq head: "Iraq is one of the countries hit by the decision of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the judge to reduce their production, and the lack of standardization of prices, because oil accounts for nearly 85 percent of national income, in addition to its economic system is stable, because of the war against terrorist organizations.