Crisis escalate .. shut down Iraqi shopping mall in Istanbul

He instructed the Minister of Trade and agency Mohamed Xiaa Alsoadenei, close the Iraqi commercial center in Istanbul against the backdrop of the Turkish intervention.
A source at the ministry, told all of Iraq [where], that "the Ministry of Commerce began to take concrete actions towards reducing trade cooperation between Iraq and Turkey," adding that "the Minister of Trade and agency ordered the closure of the commercial center of Istanbul on the back of an incursion by Turkish troops in northern Iraq." .
The Foreign Ministry announced today approached the five permanent members of the UN Security Council about the Turkish incursion in Iraq, and called for an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers about Turkey's violation of Iraq's sovereignty.
It is said that the Council of Ministers authorized the boss Haider al-Abadi take the appropriate measures in response to Turkey as the House of Representatives authorized the government to act over the incursion.
Turkey insists on the survival of these forces, claiming the agreement with Iraq at the request of Abadi but the latter strongly denied this and called for withdrawing immediately for violating the country's sovereignty.
The Turkish Foreign Ministry called yesterday, the Turks, to leave Iraq as quickly and Guet.