CBI: Deleting the zeros law will strengthen value; Economist says Dinar to equal one USD

Posted: October 10, 2011 by THE CURRENCY NEWSHOUND - Just Hopin in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Dinar is equal to the dollar
Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh: that the bill included proposals for a new currency and the groups that carried and details of technical and economic.

Saleh pointed out during the permit media to switch the currency and the deletion of zeros decision taken by the executive branch and approved by the legislature, and that the project will not be implemented hastily, but will be taken among other factors to consider before you start to implement it, including the date of the financial year and the strength of the national economy, among other indicators in the favor of the view that

This law, if approved, will have a positive impact on the Iraqi currency in several aspects of the need during the next phase, which will strengthen the value of the Iraqi currency.

He described the favor of a system of cash payments of the current Iraqi regime miserable, noting that the largest denomination in which value does not exceed twenty dollars, stressing that the deletion of zeros will enhance the value of the Iraqi currency, and reduces the cost of handling cash, currency should its current estimated size of today Petrlionat dinars, making the process of dealing monetary cost is high.

And the concerns of rigging the new currency in the event made or it will affect negatively on the economic situation, responded in favor of: that it reflects the look bleak, do not forget that there are other countries in deciding to switch its currency and dropped them zeros, such as Turkey, Romania and Brazil, without being of its economy to shocks and thus Iraq is not engaged in unknown waters or walking on the road did not knock him one before is likely to include the new currency for the population of the coin by the paper.

The increased zeroes on the Iraqi dinar to the days of inflation, which came on the value of the Iraqi currency as a result of previous wars and the subsequent economic blockade was over, the currency of Iraq to the paper was printing the former regime, issued in large quantities without the cover, while the Iraqi dinar until the mid-eighties equivalent of more than three U.S. dollars.

But the adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Abdullah Hussein Al-Anbuge said in a press statement: that corruption is rampant in state institutions and the low level of efficiency and economic situation in general at this time not in favor of lifting of the zeroes.

He pointed to what he said that he was pitfalls will change the currency, and the deletion of zeros, including the risk of fraud and increasing the demand for goods for reasons of fake due to payment of dinars instead of a thousand dinars, as now, explaining that the re-printing of new currency will have the costs of expensive, stressing that attempts will be made to convince the bank Central plans to slow down in this regard.

Previously, the President of the Iraqi Securities Commission confirmed that, earlier, that the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency will not affect trading in the Iraqi Stock Exchange and its shares

The director of a money transfer companies externally Sami Rashid: I think that lifting the zeros from the currency will increase confidence in the currency, and will lead to increased purchasing power of citizens, and the phenomenon of trading blocs will drop large cash used by Iraqis since the nineties.

He believed economic analyst Talal Jassim said the switch of the Iraqi currency a necessary but pointed to the need to provide the conditions necessary for its implementation, particularly the security and political stability, adding that the relative stability of the Iraqi currency after the issuance of currency recently, and the result of the return link Iraq to the global economy and the availability of reserves of foreign currency due to oil exports , encouraged the Central Bank to consider the deletion of zeros.

Jassim (economist) added that the lifting of the zeroes of the three will lead to an exchange rate of one dollar per dinar to Jasim, who called to the need to follow the policies of peaceful citizens and to persuade them to get used for a period not exceeding two years.