Great Council: the fully under the control of the security forces and the risk of Daash is 110 km

2015-12-10 20:44:06 | (Voice of Iraq) - Diyala

Municipal Council declared in the great hand in Diyala province, on Thursday, that the security forces under the control of the crowd and the full PDF, as pointed out that the threat from al "Daash" is 110 km from the center.

The head of the Great Council (65 km north of Baquba) Mohammed al-Obeidi said in an interview to the Sumerian News, "The threat from al Daash is about 110 km from the center of which is a very great distance achieved through the sacrifices of the security establishment and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes."

He said al-Obeidi, that "the great hand completely under the control of the security forces and the popular crowd," adding that "it was a local security program to promote internal stability and face the sleeper cells through open channels of cooperation with the people of the liberated villages that returned them displaced immediately to report any suspected cases of adoption it. "

It is said that the elimination Sharqat, the last bastions of "Daash" within Salahuddin province, located about 110 km from the center of the great hand in Diyala, which is associated with it in many ways across the great desert through to Hamrin Mountains.