The concerns of the country .. why we support national product?

Good question may collide with anyone when he talks about the national industry.

Do not claim that the national Our products are today competing product imported, and this is the result of many reasons, stands in the forefront of the weakness of government actions in the activation of industrial activity in the country, many of the political actors linked one way or another to neighboring countries, and allows through a network of dealers with them in the delayed activation This sector is important, for the existence of transactions among themselves.

We are here they do not accuse that they are trying to sabotage the national economy, but they are trying to enrichment at the expense of hundreds of thousands of workers in these industries and they are many countless, and its carrying value is worth billions of dollars, and these industries are confined to a particular product, but we see a complex and interdependent with Each other.

There is the leather industry, which is linked one way or another Bafilah where we find that most of the farmers raise cattle, sheep and goats, and the resulting released from skins can be used in the leather industry, and the leather industry involved in the use of many sectors of the people, including the security forces and the Iraqi army, which means do without the import of equipment cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars a year, not to mention the operation of thousands of labor.

To return to the General Company for Leather Industries, it includes three labs; two of them in Baghdad, and the third in the province of Najaf, and there are thirteen outlet for direct sale to the citizens in the various governorates of Iraq, the company produces various types of leather and sports shoes, as well as special children's shoes, military boots, It also produces bags of various kinds and leather belts, and qualities comparable to imported, but surpass it, but the problem facing the industry, and almost this problem be shared among all of Iraq's industries; namely electricity, which adds additional cost the product cost, which leads to higher price Iraqi product.

Required from the government to pay attention to this issue and Taatekz on a few assignments and can not be Toverd electric power working for companies that are its employees, providing the Iraqi product he put the local market, and dispensing with the foreign product, which has proved practical experience lack of resistance by the Iraqi environmental conditions, and they are so bad, and also requires a step large from the government to activate the local product protection law, by imposing high taxes on imported products, which have a local alternative to maintain the local product, and the exemption of raw materials used in the manufacture of these products from the tax.