The proportion of the number of seats in parliament, the region determine the proportion of its share of the annual budget


Tariq Harb
Legal expert
Commenting on the annual differences, when the discussion of the budget law, on the determination of the proportion of what is being spent, as a share of the Kurdistan region in the annual budget, say, if there is a standard and a clear and fair, and the base of scientific and practical, can be relied upon to determine the region's share in the budget, and this standard and this rule , one not mentioned in the Parliament or the executive branch,
This standard is based and this rule to determine the percentage share of the Kurdistan region of budget .. on the basis of the proportion of the Kurdistan region of seats in parliament is .. which is determined by the proportion of the region's share on the basis of the proportion of the region seats in parliament three Bmhafezath, ie that the quota is determined by Bhasal collection number Congress Sulaimaniyah province and the number of deputies province of Arbil, and the number of deputies Dohuk province, and will be the sum total of the territorial representative of the population of the region, and an indication of the number of the region's population, the percentage of Members of the Region in the Federal Parliament, compared with the number of members of Parliament, we can define from which, the population of the region and the proportion of region's share of the budget, and thus determine the percentage of the population of the region to the population of Iraq, and therefore determined accurately Kurdistan region's share of the budget of 2016, and when the adoption of this equation we note that the region's share of the annual budget, will be much less than the 17% granted to the region Since the budget 2008, which call for the region also selected in the budget of 2016, and this percentage, which we say it, is a scientific pedigree fair process fairly easy investigation, and cut off all discussions and opinions for determining the ratio, without relying on a particular standard, it relies on the standard population the region, compared to the number of Iraq's population, in spite of increases in the number of provinces of the region seats in the previous elections, was much larger than the increase in the number of other Iraqi provinces Seats, noting that the number adhere to, and the quota is determined by the number of MPs who represent the region in Only three provinces, in addition, the number of deputies who belong to the Kurdistan Alliance in the other provinces, as mayor of Nineveh, Kirkuk and Diyala, because the Kurdistan population of the provinces in these provinces, the entitlement of the provincial budget, not from the budget of the provinces of the region, and peace on Parliament Year 2006, which introduced 17% of the territory in the budget of 2008, based on the basket parliamentary vote one on the three laws yes one, is the law of the provinces that were demanded by the mass of the Shiite component blocks, and the law of amnesty, which was claimed by the Sunni component blocks, and the law of the budget by 17%, which were claimed by the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, the parliament enacted a bad year for us, as long as over the past years.