Oil and discuss the financial support the budget in 2016 and the benefits of foreign companies


It discussed the ministries of finance and oil on Wednesday support mechanisms 2016 budget and dues of foreign oil companies operating in Iraq. Statement of the Ministry of Finance said that "the ministers of finance, oil Hoshyar Zebari and Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi upside meeting attended by agents and managers of the relevant departments in both ministries were discussed means and common mechanisms of action that would contribute to overcoming the bureaucratic obstacles and in particular speed up work procedures and simplify the computational restrictions and resolution of which would have to believe Ansabih joint cooperation on the one hand and provide support to the Federal budget for Iraq in 2016 on the other hand. " They also discussed the benefits of foreign oil companies operating in Iraq and activities in the field to increase production and reduce gas flaring, which would contribute in maximizing resources was agreed to hold such meetings on a regular basis between the two ministries.