Abadi: Trump hostility to Muslims extremism tantamount to "terrorism"
Dr. Osama Mehdi

GMT 7:00 2015 Thursday, December 10 GMT 12:30 2015 Thursday, December 10: Last Updated

The Iraqi government described the call Donald Trump, seeking to win the nomination for election to the US presidency, to prevent Muslims entry to the United States as extremist and irresponsible and tantamount to "terrorism" level

BAGHDAD: Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that in the time that I realized where all the nations of the world the risk of extremist ideology, and the wealth of kegs of terrorism, everyone who threatens, without exception, and the need to fight it and eradicate its roots, made ​​irresponsible remarks and positions more extreme, such as those Finally released from Donald Trump, who is seeking to win the nomination for the US presidential elections.
He added that Muslims and extremists in one box mode is disservice to Islam and to all Muslims, which is what the owners of extremist ideas sought from "terrorists" Daash and al-Qaeda and their ilk from the owners takfiri extremist thought, who do not represent the Islamic faith tolerant, that believes in coexistence and respect for all religions.

He pointed Office, in a press statement seen the text "Elaf" Thursday, that the international community's efforts must be united more than ever in order to foster a spirit of peaceful coexistence, and the isolation of terrorism, and the preservation of religious freedoms and reject extremism in all its forms and manifestations today.

The Trump has demanded in remarks to him during his current lobbying for nomination to the US presidential election from the Republican Party to prevent Muslims from entering the United States fully and raising invited severe criticism from the White House and the United Nations and from within his own party, as seen figures in the UN sites responsible statements irresponsible, and warned that inflammatory rhetoric, as the campaign was met with fierce criticism in the US media.
He said the High Commissioner for Human Rights Prince Zeid bin Raad The Trump calls this is completely irresponsible, adding that ignite the fires of hatred and Islamophobia is exactly what he wants to organize Daash and feeds it.

For its part, the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has warned the United Nations of "anti-Muslim rhetoric in the US presidential election campaign, and the threat posed by the refugee resettlement process." In Washington, the Pentagon said that a letter of Trump anti-Islam undermines US national security, and enhances the capabilities of the organization, which calls itself the Islamic State Daash name.

In Britain, about 200 thousand people have signed a petition that would ban Trump entry into the country, where live more than 2.7 million Muslims, because of "unacceptable behavior", and his racist remarks toward Muslims. He is scheduled to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Donald Trump during his visit to Israel in the twenty-eighth of this month.