German Consul at Arbil: Kurdistan could export oil and gas lawfully

Saw the German Consul General to the Kurdistan region Marc Aیshahurn, the Kurdistan region of oil and gas can legally export, stressing that the stability of the region "very important" for his country. Aashahurn said, during his participation in today's event of the program, which is broadcast on radio and Roudao that "the Kurdistan region TV can now do the export of oil and gas, and hope not to be the current conflict between Turkey and Russia The impact on this issue."

German Consul General to the region and explained that "the economic life of the region of Kurdistan parked on the export of oil and gas." On the relations between the region and Germany, Aashahurn said, "German Foreign Minister assured Barzani, during his recent visit to the Kurdistan region, Germany's support for the Peshmerga, they support the Peshmerga forces continue arming and provide it with military aid, with the knowledge of Baghdad." Aashahurn and pointed to the 100 German military training of the Peshmerga forces, explaining that "the soldiers and commanders Germans Menbhron capabilities Peshmerga fighters." With regard to the assistance provided by his country for the displaced in the province of Kurdistan, Aashahurn said they would "increase humanitarian aid to the displaced people in the Kurdistan region," stressing that "the stability of the Kurdistan region is very important for us." Consul General also spoke about the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to wear a suit, a protective lead during his recent visit to Iraq on Tuesday, and said, "That was just a security measure during his journey from Baghdad to Arbil, was to take off uniform once arrived in Arbil.