Turkish Foreign Minister: we will not withdraw out troops from Iraq

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq,
said Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Chaooh Ihsanoglu, said his country had stopped sending sustenance to Iraq, "the time now," . ozkrt Turkish Foreign Ministry today: The Foreign Minister Mouloud Chaooh Ihsanoglu told his Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim al-Jaafari in a telephone conversation on Monday evening Turkey stopped sending troops to northern Iraq, Mosul at the moment, but it will not pull out of soldiers already. "

He said Tango Balijaj spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry told reporters there that Chaooh Ihsanoglu reiterated respect for Ankara for the unity of the Iraqi territory in the call, which was conducted in late Yesterday evening Alatnin. oukal Chaooh Ihsanoglu Jaafari also said that the presence of Turkey in Mosul aims to contribute to the fight Iraq Daash.oukal Balijaj "Such exercises will continue in coordination with Iraq." The Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said today that he wants to visit Baghdad as soon as possible to try to calm the dispute over the presence of these forces that angered the Iraqi government.