Jubouri: political problems hinder anti-terrorism efforts By Roudao 30 minutes ago

Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, during his speech at the Gathering Alchaoa
Roudao - Erbil It was opened by the President of the Republic of Iraq, Fuad Masum, the consultative forum hosted by the Iraqi Council of Representatives under the slogan (the sons of the tribes and the displaced in the face of terrorism), a word to him in which he said "we will win against terrorism, and we can succeed and maintain our country through the unity of our position." For his part, the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, in a speech during the forum, the need for a comprehensive strategy to confront "terrorism", adding that the political problems hinder anti-terrorism efforts. Jubouri said, "It has to be the existence of a political strategy alongside the military strategy to counter terrorism," noting that there are "political problems hamper efforts to combat terrorism, and Iraq is facing the most dangerous phase in its modern history."

He Jubouri, that "he must chart the way for the march of the six provinces that fought Daash map", following "We have planning for the post-Daash that require early planning." He called al-Jubouri, to "activate and close political solution", past by saying, "We reject all forms of interference in the affairs of Iraq and affirm Iraq's sovereignty over its territory." In the displaced file stressed Jubouri, he "must be swift measures to bring back displaced people to their areas and resolve security and political obstacles to this matter and convene an international conference in Baghdad to support the reconstruction of Iraq," adding that he should be "on the government to provide humanitarian support needed for the displaced, as well as scheduling re-displaced to their areas. "