National Alliance looms cut off trade with Turkey and recourse to the Security Council

It confirmed the parties to the National Alliance, yesterday, that the latter authorized the prime minister to take appropriate action to respond to Turkish incursions into Iraqi territory. He explained the House of Representatives that the largest parliamentary blocs considered, at its meeting on Monday, several measures, including economic sanctions and go to the Security Council. While denied Representatives The presence of Turkish Iraqi agreement justify the violation of the sovereignty of the parties, ruled out resorting to the military option because of the preoccupation of the army and security forces, the war against Daash.

The Iraqi National Alliance Kdakd a meeting of the leadership of the Commission headed by Ibrahim al-Jaafari and was attended by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. The meeting discussed the Turkish incursion. And authorized the Alliance Abadi to address the management of "crisis" Turkish intervention, and stressed to keep options open in the face of this "aggression", and while pointing to the possibility of economic measures in the event of the continuation of Turkey to "stall", he called for the unification of the national discourse. He discussed The meeting of National Security Council of Iraq that Turkish troops gave a 48-hour immediate withdrawal from Iraqi territory decisions. The Committee on Security and Defence parliamentary revealed for over three days before that many Turkish troops approached from Nineveh up to 1000 Turkish fighter with 12 tanks and more than 25 armored and 3 minesweepers. "emphasizes deputy Aziz Kadhim Alwan Ugaili, mass citizen member, said that" the Turkish intervention in Iraq's depth is a violation of the sovereignty and prestige of the Iraqi state, which is unacceptable, "stressing that" the reactions of government appropriate to the size of this overrun.

"He called Ugaili , in an interview with the (range), the government has to "take several steps to deter the Turkish persistent spare trade which amounts annually to more than $ 12 billion, as well as to call the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad to deliver a protest note." revealed a member of the coalition of citizens that "the coalition intends to go to cut economic exchanges with Turkey through an understanding with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, "asserting that" the leaders of the coalition is considering a plan programmed cut trade operations. "He pointed Ugaili that" the National Alliance continues to meet intensively to declare its final position of the Turkish intervention crisis in Iraqi territory. "

He stressed "the existence of steps taken by the National Alliance in the absence of the withdrawal of Turkish troops Kaltuge a complaint to the UN Security Council as well as cutting economic ties and call the Turkish ambassador." Furthermore, says MP Hassan Sinead, "The National Alliance is unable to take more than authorize the Prime Minister's decision to take the appropriate position. "He said Sinead, in a statement to (range)," The Iraqi people can take more than the positions of the National Alliance and the government and the political blocs positions because this incursion against all relations between peoples. "confirms coalition of law that" the rumors the existence of an agreement signed between Ankara and Baghdad, either before or after 2003 to allow Turkish troops push deeper into the Iraqi rear rumor has no basis, "denying the existence of such a convention.

In the same context, confirms the MP for the Reform bloc morning Mahdi al-Saadi said the" National Alliance put forward several Options to rehabilitate the Turkish intervention in the ethnic territories and is to take political and economic positions. "says Saadi (range)," Turkey exceeded the international laws and norms after this unwarranted interference in Iraqi depth ", stressing that" the Iraqi government to reconsider the Convention security signed with the United States of America. "But the bloc member Ibrahim al-Jaafari" exclude any Iraqi military response in light of the clashes raging against the elements Daash because Iraqi forces are engaged in organizing Daash internationally-backed war.

"In the meantime, authorized the Council of Ministers, on Tuesday, President Minister Haider al-Abadi to take appropriate steps and procedures on the entry of Turkish troops into Iraq, while stressing that Baghdad has not signed any agreement with Ankara allows them to go beyond the Iraqi border. The cabinet said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of which, "The Council of Ministers authorized the boss Haider al-Abadi take steps and measures it deems appropriate on bypass Turkish troops on the Iraqi border and violating national sovereignty with full support for the decisions taken by the National Security Council on the subject and follow up their implementation. "He said the Council of Ministers, said that" national sovereignty and the country's borders geographical red line is not allowed Nile them and overcome them at all, especially that the Iraqi government has not signed an agreement, or allow a neighbor of Turkey to go beyond the borders of our country under any pretext. "The statement continued that" the Council of Ministers unanimously agreed that the entry of pieces of Turkish forces is unacceptable and objectionable, and that the Iraqi government renewed its position claim the Turkish government to withdraw its forces, and the announcement of full respect for Iraqi sovereignty, "pointing out that" at a time when the government is keen to sustain the good neighborly relationship, confirming its right to take action to save the national sovereignty ".

He was president of the Republic and the government, as new on Saturday, It is regarded as an incursion by Turkish troops in Iraqi territory "violation" of international norms and laws and "violation" of national sovereignty and "a departure" on Freddie Iraq of "good neighborliness and co-existence and non-interference in the affairs of neighboring countries relations", and called on Ankara to accelerate the withdrawal of its troops from the country.