Iranian economic delegation postpones his visit to the region

Decided Iranian economic delegation, to postpone his planned visit to Arbil on Wednesday, for an indefinite period, were made ​​known to officials in the Kurdistan region of the reasons for the postponement. The representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran Nazem Dabbagh, in a press statement that "Iranian officials told us last night the decision to postpone the visit, without teach us the reasons."

It was scheduled to visit an Iranian economic delegation headed by the development of economic relations director Rustam Qasim, the Kurdistan region today, Meeting with regional officials on economic relations between Tehran and Erbil, especially in the field of oil and gas. It was supposed to be agreed on a proposal to supply an oil pipeline between Iran and the Kurdistan region, according to the representative of the provincial government in Iran. It is noteworthy that the Kurdistan Region and Iran officials announced earlier that agreement on the supply of oil pipeline and power supply will be for a period of twenty years between Erbil and Tehran.