Deputy for the National: Parliament will host the Turkish ambassador to explain his country's intervention

Deputy for the National Alliance that "the House of Representatives will host the Turkish ambassador for the purpose of clarifying the presence of his country's troops in Iraqi territory, he said." And the proof Mamouri told all of Iraq [where] "There will be a call for the views of the Turkish Ambassador Farouk Qaimagja and Minister of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the defense minister Khaled al-Obeidi in the House of Representatives to brief him on if there was a precedent agreements to enter the Turks in Iraq." He explained that "relations should be take into consideration because Iraq is passing through a critical stage and needs to be all diplomatic relations with all regional countries dominated by love and assistance but not to the sovereignty and dignity of the account, noting that "Iraq is a red line that we do not accept or allow any party whatsoever to desecrate the land."
He continued Almamori " I think that there are arguments to the Turkish government, some say that there are agreements with the Iraqi government and others the existence of agreed with the local authorities in the province of Nineveh, stressing that "the meeting will be with the Turkish ambassador to Iraq in Parliament to clarify all these things and after every incident," he says.
The strength Turkish entered last Thursday to the outskirts of my part Zhelkan and Ba'shiqah subsidiaries to spend Mosul, ranging number of members according to military sources between 800. military 900.
and raised the entry of these forces the ire of the Iraqi government, which strongly called for Ankara to be withdrawn immediately and given 48 hours [ended yesterday, as encroachment national sovereignty, salinity to resort to the UN Security Council and even the military option, while Turkey has maintained the presence of these forces being as she is in agreement with Baghdad.
For his part, President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani denied yesterday allegations in connection of the region or its agreement with Turkey on the entry of these forces, " stressing that their presence "came the coordination and agreement with Baghdad," and called for "solving issue through dialogue."
The Council of Ministers has authorized its session yesterday the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi "take steps and measures it deems appropriate on bypass Turkish troops on the Iraqi border and violating national sovereignty after a timeout 48 hours for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraq.
While expressing Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu for his desire to visit Baghdad "as soon as possible" to calm and resolve the dispute with them in this regard, at the time foreign minister, said births Jawish Davutoglu said his country "stopped sending troops to northern Iraq [ Mosul] at the moment, but they will not pull out of soldiers already there. "
But Washington has tightened and in the words of Foreign Minister on the need for Turkey to take the ear full from Baghdad to send any troops to Iraq, "noting that" we have seen from Click signals indicate it is ready to review its decisions in this regard, and this is the right response ".